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  1. PRO ASE BG 016 Badminton Shoes Blue
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Wide variety of men's non-marking badminton shoes available at

Khelmart proudly offers the finest and most extensive selection of badminton shoes in India, with prices ranging from Rs 700 to Rs 12,000. Our comprehensive range encompasses both esteemed Indian brands and multinational giants, ensuring that badminton players can make tailored choices to suit their needs, sizes, and specific game requirements.

For instance, beginners to intermediate-level badminton players can find excellent options from brands such as Nivia, Proase, and Thrax. Meanwhile, advanced players can elevate their game with top-notch shoe selections from renowned names like Yonex, Nivia, Li-Ning, and ASICS.

At Khelmart, we are committed to catering to every badminton player's unique preferences and skill levels, providing them with the perfect footwear to enhance their performance on the court.

In contemporary badminton, the game has evolved into a highly dynamic and fast-paced sport, demanding increased agility, swift court coverage, and sharp, precise footwork compared to its earlier iterations. Attaining impeccable court coverage in badminton necessitates the utilisation of the perfect pair of shoes, characterised by the following essential qualities:

Effective shock absorption is crucial in badminton footwear:

During intense rallies, players endure significant impact on their feet due to continuous movement on the court. Badminton shoes must excel in absorbing this shock and dispersing it gradually, ensuring players' comfort throughout the game.

Cutting-edge technologies such as Power Cushion, Opti Cushion, and other cushioning innovations play a pivotal role in enhancing player comfort on the court. These advancements ensure that players experience optimal feel and support during their matches, ultimately contributing to their best performance.

High quality material for Upper:

Badminton players' footwear is crafted from high-quality materials such as PU (Polyurethane), synthetic leather, durable skin fit, and mesh. PU and synthetic leather are renowned for being both lightweight and exceptionally durable, making them the preferred choice for constructing the upper portion of badminton shoes.

NonMarking Rubber Sole:

Non-marking soles derive their name from their ability to avoid leaving any marks on the badminton court mat. In contemporary badminton, courts predominantly feature synthetic mats, which can be susceptible to damage from regular shoe soles. Consequently, the use of non-marking rubber soles on synthetic badminton courts is mandatory to preserve the integrity of the playing surface.

Selecting the correct shoe size is crucial to ensure that you get the right fit on the first try:

 We highly recommend referring to the size guidelines provided for each brand. These guidelines have been thoughtfully created by the Khelmart team to make it easy for players to understand and choose the perfect pair. By following these size recommendations, you can avoid unnecessary delays associated with exchanges and enjoy your new badminton shoes with confidence.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Badminton shoes :

Q: What is Special about Badminton shoes?

Ans: Nowadays, badminton game played at indoor badminton court equipped with specifically design court Flooring mats made from PVC material. If badminton player will use normal sports shoes on these badminton flooring mats then due to hard shoe sole, there will marks on flooring mats normal sports shoes can damage the surface of flooring mats. So, to avoid these marks and damage, non marking badminton shoes are design which does not leave any marks on court mat.

Also , badminton shoes are made of pylon mid sole which absorb most of the impact while player move on court and release it slowly so injuries can be avoided.

Q: What does the term "non-marking badminton shoes" signify?

Ans: Shoes that are specifically designed not to leave marks on the floor are referred to as "non-marking" badminton shoes. These shoes have soles made of materials that do not scuff or mark the surface of indoor courts, making them suitable for sports like badminton where players need to move quickly and maintain traction without leaving marks on the playing surface. Non-marking shoes are commonly used in indoor sports facilities to preserve the quality of the playing surface.

Q: Can I wear badminton shoes on road?

Ans: Badminton shoe sole are made of non marking rubber material with unique grip patterns. Using badminton shoes on road can damage the life span of shoe sole.

What is life of badminton shoes?

Badminton shoes life depends on how player use it and amount of time spend by player on badminton court. Normally, good quality badminton shoe can serve 7 to 10 month time.

Q: What should I look for when buying badminton shoes?

 Ans: Following qualities should be checked in badminton shoes:

  1. Weight
  2. Cushioning
  3. Grip
  4. Sole and fitting

Q: Why are badminton-specific shoes important for professional players? 

 Ans: Professional players are required optimal performance, lightweight construction, excellent grip, and quick responsiveness from shoe. Professional players need quick and swift movement on court so player can effectively cover court and win point. To do so, shoes are designed with low center of gravity, which aids in quick changes of direction and swift lateral movements. Cushion technology aims to reduce the risk of injuries such as stress fractures, shin splints, and ankle sprains.

Are there any specific brands known for producing top-notch badminton shoes?

Q: Following are the different brands that are known for producing top-notch badminton shoes:


(1)    Yonex

(2)    LI Nng

(3)    Nivia

(4)    Thrax

(5)    Victor

(6)    Pro ASe

(7)    ASICS

Q: Are there any specific shoe technologies or innovations that enhance performance?

 Ans: Following are the Key technologies in badminton shoes that can enhance performance the player performance including:

(1)    Power Cushion

(2)    Non Marking Outer Sole

(3)    Opti Cushion

(4)    Opti Shape

(5)    HexGrip

(6)    True Cushion

(7)    True Shape

Q: Do badminton shoes come in different widths to accommodate various foot types?

 Ans: Yes, Badminton shoes are available in different widths options like

1.       Normal shoes

2.       Wide shoes

Wide shoes are specially developed for player with wide foots. At following options are available wide foot

1.       Yonex Power Cushion 39 Ex wide

2.       Yonex Power Cushion 37 Ex wide


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