Step into a new era of badminton excellence with our comprehensive guide to the best badminton shoes of 2024. As the heartbeat of every player's performance, the right footwear is instrumental in achieving agility, stability, and comfort on the court. In this dynamic landscape of sports innovation, we bring you an exploration of the latest technologies, designs, and features that make these badminton shoes stand out.

Explore our diverse range of badminton footwear at, catering to players at every skill level, from beginners to advanced. Our collection features cutting-edge technologies, encompassing superior cushioning, innovative sole construction, and advanced upper-making techniques. Additionally, take advantage of our latest designs and competitive online prices, empowering players to make confident and convenient purchases.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete aiming for the podium or a recreational player seeking optimal support, our curated selection has something for everyone. Join us as we navigate through the top picks that promise to enhance your court experience, providing the perfect foundation for swift movements, quick turns, and explosive plays.

Explore the most recent badminton shoes for 2024, equipped with cutting-edge technology and advanced cushioning

Gear up for success as we delve into the cutting-edge world of badminton footwear, where style meets functionality and every step is a stride towards victory. Lace up and get ready to elevate your game – this is the ultimate guide to the best badminton shoes of 2024.

So here is the list of best badminton shoes for 2024:


1. Yonex Infinity 2:

The Yonex Infinity 2 Badminton shoes boast a synthetic fibre upper, a synthetic resin midsole, and a durable rubber sole outsole, offering a combination of performance and comfort. Available in sizes ranging from Uk-6 to UK-11  these shoes incorporate advanced technologies such as POWER CUSHION, POWER CUSHION, Durable Skin Light, Toughbrid Light, and a Power Graphite Sheet.

The innovative POWER CUSHION technology is a standout feature, efficiently absorbing shock and reversing impact energy to ensure a smooth transition into the next movement. YONEX's Power Cushion construction surpasses traditional urethane in shock absorption, providing three times more effectiveness. In a durability test, an egg dropped from a height of 7 metres onto a Power Cushion sheet bounced back an impressive 4 metres without sustaining any damage.

Designed for a precise balance of flexibility and support, the Durable Skin Light, made from polyurethane, enables players to move nimbly on the court while maintaining a robust and secure fit. Furthermore, ToughBrid Light, although 11% lighter than its predecessor ToughBrid, preserves the same high performance, resulting in a noteworthy reduction in leg and knee stress, a fact verified through YONEX testing.

Enhancing stability and minimising weight, the Power Graphite Sheet is strategically placed under the middle portion of the sole. This addition ensures that players experience a stable base during movements while simultaneously reducing the overall weight of the shoe. Altogether, these features make the Yonex Infinity 2 Badminton shoes a compelling choice for players seeking a blend of cutting-edge technology, comfort, and performance on the badminton court.

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2. LI Ning Saga II Max:

Introducing the Li-Ning Max Badminton Shoes, crafted to cater to the needs of professional players. Weighing in at 320 grams, these shoes belong to the esteemed Saga product range and feature a non-marking outsole, ensuring optimal performance on the badminton court.

Step into a new era of badminton footwear with the Li-Ning x BOA fit system. This cutting-edge design, built with top-notch materials and technology, promises a premium experience like never before. The knotless lace system, known for its high precision, provides a secure and tailored feel during every game. Additionally, the shoes boast a super-supportive grip that ensures all-around comfort, enhancing the overall playing experience.

Saga II Max represents the epitome of what an athlete can expect in badminton footwear – a perfect fusion of innovation, comfort, and performance. Immerse yourself in the superior design and technology that Li-Ning Max Badminton Shoes bring to the court, delivering an unparalleled experience for professional players seeking the best in athletic footwear.

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3. VICTOR P9200CC CA Support Series:

Introducing the VICTOR P9200CC CA Support Series badminton shoes, engineered for optimal performance on the court. The outsole is constructed with VSR Rubber, ensuring superior traction and stability during intense gameplay. The upper features a combination of V-Tough PU, Double Mesh, and PU Leather, providing durability, breathability, and a sleek aesthetic.

Designed for comfort and responsiveness, the midsole of these badminton shoes incorporates a blend of Light Resilient EVA, E-TPU, TPU, Carbon Power, and Solid EVA. This combination enhances cushioning, energy return, and overall support, catering to the dynamic movements of badminton players. The standard V Shape of the shoes, measuring 2.5 inches, contributes to a balanced and ergonomic design, optimising performance on the badminton court.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, the VICTOR P9200CC CA Support Series badminton shoes offer a comprehensive package of advanced features, ensuring a comfortable and high-performing experience during every match. From the reliable VSR Rubber outsole to the thoughtfully designed midsole, these shoes are crafted to meet the demands of competitive badminton play.

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Presenting the Asics COURT CONTROL FF 3 badminton shoes, expertly crafted to cater to the specific needs of badminton players. With a durable PU-covered mesh construction, these shoes are designed to withstand the rigours of the court while providing essential breathability. Ideal for players who engage in extended rallies with a high jump and smash style, the COURT CONTROL FF 3 ensures functional performance during multi-directional movements.

For enhanced stability and flexibility on the court, the lateral Wrap-Up Outsole is intelligently paired with Flexion Grooves. This combination not only promotes good stability but also imparts a more flexible and responsive feel during dynamic play. The midsole of these badminton shoes features advanced Gel™ technology and a Flytefoam™ cushioning material, working in tandem to improve impact absorption and deliver a softer, more comfortable feel underfoot. Whether you're navigating long rallies or executing powerful jump smashes, the Asics COURT CONTROL FF 3 stands out as a highly recommended choice for badminton enthusiasts seeking a perfect blend of durability, stability, and cushioning.

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Introducing the Yonex CASCADE ACCEL badminton shoes, crafted for exceptional performance on the court. The upper is composed of Synthetic Fibre, ensuring durability and support during intense gameplay. The midsole, made of Synthetic Resin, provides a solid foundation, while the Rubber Sole outsole offers reliable traction and stability.

The Yonex CASCADE ACCEL badminton shoes incorporate advanced materials to enhance the overall playing experience. Featuring POWER CUSHION technology, these shoes excel in shock absorption by reversing impact energy for a smooth transition into the next movement. Compared to urethane, Yonex's Power Cushion construction provides three times more shock-absorbing power, as demonstrated by an egg bouncing back 4 metres without damage when dropped from a height of 7 metres onto a Power Cushion sheet.

The inclusion of Double Raschel Mesh in the material composition makes these shoes ultra-lightweight and exceptionally durable. This mesh facilitates superior air exchange, releasing moisture more effectively than ordinary mesh fabric. The Toe Assist Shape, designed with a focus on the big toe, reduces pressure and improves support at the midfoot and heel, minimising power loss for swift footwork. The Round Sole design ensures all-around support, enabling quick and smooth footwork, while the RADIAL BLADE SOLE enhances confidence in directional changes by increasing traction in various movements – vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. The Yonex CASCADE ACCEL badminton shoes offer a comprehensive package of cutting-edge features for badminton enthusiasts seeking durability, support, and performance on the court.

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6. LI Ning Blade Pro:

Elevate your game with the LI Ning Blade Pro badminton shoes, a choice tailored for professionals seeking superior performance on the court. Weighing in at 320 grams, these shoes belong to the Blade product range and feature a non-marking outsole, ensuring optimal traction without leaving unwanted marks. Tailored for players at the professional level, these badminton shoes are designed to help you break boundaries and excel in every match.


Join the ranks of international champions by experiencing the cutting-edge technologies incorporated into the LI Ning Blade Pro. Engineered with features like Probar Loc, Tuff tip, and Boom midsole, these shoes offer a blend of support and innovation. Probar Loc and Tuff tip work in harmony to effectively reduce energy loss during intense exercises, while the Boom midsole further enhances the overall athletic performance of players. This strategic integration of technologies reflects Li-Ning's commitment to providing top-notch footwear for players aiming to reach their peak potential on the badminton court.

Step confidently onto the court, knowing that the LI Ning Blade Pro badminton shoes are not just a pair of footwear but a key to unlocking a new level of play. Crafted with precision and loaded with advanced features, these shoes are poised to be a game-changer for professionals seeking durability, 

support, and enhanced athletics .

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7. Nivia Powerstrike 2.0

Introducing the Nivia Power Strike Badminton Shoes, meticulously designed to deliver superior performance on the badminton court. The shoes feature a Breathable Mesh with Fusion Technology and an Asymmetrical upper and lacing system, ensuring optimal ventilation and a secure fit. This innovative design caters to the dynamic movements of badminton players, offering both breathability and stability during gameplay.

Enhancing the overall comfort, the shoes incorporate a Moulded Removable P.U (SPORTHO FOOT CUSHION) sock liner, providing a cushioned and supportive feel. The Soft cushion NR EVA Inner insole, combined with the Duo foam Soft compressed midsole, ensures a comfortable and responsive experience with each step. Notably, the midfoot TPU shank stretches out under the arch to increase stability, supporting the foot during lateral movements and quick direction changes.

The Nivia Power Strike Badminton Shoes boast a Non-marking Multi-Directional herringbone structure and Round out Sole, contributing to enhanced stability and agility on the court. This specialised sole design facilitates better grip and manoeuvrability, ensuring that badminton players can move confidently and swiftly during intense gameplay. Crafted with Breathable Mesh and Fusion Technology, complemented by an Asymmetrical upper and lacing system, these badminton shoes prioritise both performance and comfort for an elevated playing experience.

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8. Li Ning ranger Lite Z1 :

Introducing the LI Ning RANGER LITE Z1 badminton shoes, meticulously designed for professionals aiming to elevate their game. Weighing in at 320 grams, these shoes are part of the Ranger product range and feature a non-marking outsole, providing optimal traction without leaving undesirable marks on the court. Gear up to surpass your goals with the Ranger Lite Z1, equipped with advanced technologies to enhance your badminton experience.

The LN cushion technology in these badminton shoes is a game-changer, absorbing and reducing impact to provide comprehensive cushioning with a high rebound. The Light Foam technology contributes to energy conservation, while the Tuff Tip technology significantly increases durability, ensuring longevity even under rigorous play. Notably, the TPU insert enhances heel support and stability, offering complete foot protection. Additionally, the shoe features a breathable tongue mesh and breathable mono yarn on the lateral sides, providing a superior playing experience by enhancing feel, promoting accurate force transmission, and offering optimum support.

Experience the ultimate in badminton footwear with the LI Ning RANGER LITE Z1, where cutting-edge technology meets performance. Stride confidently on the court, knowing that these shoes are engineered to provide enhanced comfort, durability, and support, helping you achieve and surpass your peak performance.

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9. Thrax Court Power 008:

Introducing the Thrax Court Power 008, a badminton shoe designed for unparalleled durability, agility, and striking style. The upper material is crafted from a combination of durable and lightweight PU and Synthetic Leather, providing the perfect balance between longevity and nimbleness. The design is cutting-edge, drawing inspiration from the untamed power of a thunderstorm, resulting in a visually striking and dynamically appealing appearance.

The midsole of the Thrax Court Power 008 is engineered with a high-quality, resilient Phylon material, strategically designed to absorb maximum impact loads effectively. Complementing this, the inner sole is enhanced with a memory foam-based innersole, ensuring a superior fit and unparalleled comfort for the wearer. The outer sole, made from 100% non-marking rubber, features the latest grip patterns for superior traction on the court. The new and improved heel counter is specifically designed to enhance stability and support during intense badminton play.

Incorporating Opti Shape Technology, the Thrax Court Power 008 optimises patterns for the best possible fit, delivering unmatched comfort and performance for badminton players. The innovative Opti Cushion Technology combines the benefits of the innersole and midsole, providing a unique feature where the soft inner sole ensures comfort, while the Phylon midsole excels at shock absorption, offering an exceptional playing experience. Elevate your game with the Thrax Court Power 008, where cutting-edge design meets advanced technology for the ultimate badminton footwear.

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10. NIVIA HY Court 2:

Presenting the NIVIA HY Court 2 Badminton Shoes, meticulously engineered for optimal performance on the badminton court. These shoes feature a Breathable Mesh with Fusion Technology, ensuring superior ventilation and lightweight comfort during gameplay. The innovative design incorporates Multi Directional Grooves and Round inner sole grooves, enhancing stability and providing the necessary grip for swift and precise movements on the court.

For enhanced comfort and support, the NIVIA HY Court 2 incorporates a Die Cut Soft NR EVA sock liner and a Soft cushion NR EVA Inner sole. These features contribute to a cushioned and snug fit, promoting a comfortable playing experience. The Duofoam Soft compressed midsole, combined with an inner shank, further adds to the overall support and responsiveness of the shoe, catering to the dynamic demands of badminton play.

Crafted with a focus on breathable materials and advanced Fusion Technology, the NIVIA HY Court 2 Badminton Shoes exemplify a perfect synergy of comfort, stability, and innovative design. Whether you're engaged in rapid lateral movements or executing precise footwork, these shoes are designed to complement your playing style, making them an ideal choice for badminton enthusiasts seeking performance-oriented footwear.

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As of 2024, the landscape of badminton shoes continues to evolve, with brands pushing the boundaries of innovation to meet the dynamic needs of players. Finding the best badminton shoes involves considering various factors such as comfort, stability, durability, and technological advancements. It is essential to explore the latest releases from reputable brands, taking into account user reviews and professional recommendations.

In this ever-changing market, the best badminton shoes are likely to showcase advancements in materials and design, providing players with optimal support and performance. Features like breathable mesh, advanced cushioning technologies, and improved outsole patterns contribute to a well-rounded shoe that caters to the agility and quick movements inherent in badminton.

Ultimately, the ideal badminton shoes will be those that align with an individual player's specific needs, playing style, and preferences. Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational player, staying informed about the latest releases and user feedback will guide you toward making a well-informed choice for the best badminton shoes in 2024.