About Comparison:
Yonex Mavis series is one of the best series in Nylon shuttlecock categories. Mavis series offer following key benefits to players:

1. Better Flight patterns – Almost similar to Feather shuttlecock

2. Better Durability – Shuttle offer better life and durability for practice matches

3. Better Shuttle speed - Mavis series offers optimum shuttle speed which is very close to feather shuttlecock performance.

4. Cost Effective: Mavis series is cost effective shuttlecock as compare to other brand nylon shuttlecock.

5. Good Shuttle for Practice: Yonex Mavis series is good option for regular practice and club level competition tournaments.


With above mention points , we can say that , Mavis series is better shuttlecock which offers better durability , flight patterns and very cost effective for daily practice.

Mavis series is having different categories like Mavis 07, Mavis 200i, Mavis 350, Mavis 600, and Mavis 2000.

Different Mavis series are designed for different playing condition and practice level.

For Ex, Mavis 200i is suitable for beginner level and advisable to those players who love to play badminton game with intermediate playing skills.

In this blog, we shall do the comparison of two different Mavis series shuttle, Mavis 350 vs Mavis 2000

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About Mavis 350:

Yonex Mavis 350 is all time hit Nylon shuttlecock for practice session as it’s provide close to feather like shuttle performance. Mavis 350 gives very consists performance to badminton players. Each shuttle is tested by Yonex quality team with high quality standard so that player can get best performance every time on court. As claimed by Yonex, Mavis 350 is 5 times durable as compare to other brand Nylon shuttles.

Yonex Mavis 350 is available in different speed configuration for different weather conditions. We all know that skirt of Nylon shuttle is made of nylon material which is sensitive to temperature. To overcome this problem, Yonex manufactured shuttle in 3 different color variant which will meet the required of player as per playing condition.

Recovery time of Nylon Shuttle is very important as its decide the performance of shuttle. Quick recovery time gives better flight, opportunity to hit proper shots. Yonex Mavis 350 gives recovery time of .02 Seconds. This time is .008 second faster than other brand Nylon shuttles and .005 second slower than Yonex feather shuttle.

About Mavis 2000

YONEX Mavis 2000 Badminton Shuttlecock is a Nylon base shuttlecock design to give best performance and durability. New and advance Nylon material at Shuttle skirt and precise manufacturing process, gives feather shuttle like performance and flight characteristics. It is an economical, durable and best shuttlecock for tournament and training sessions.

Comparison in Two Shuttlecocks:

• Both the shuttlecocks are suitable for practice sessions, these shuttlecock are made of better nylon material which offers better durability and playing characteristics.

• By comparing the durability, we found that durability of Mavis 2000 is bit better as compare to Mavis 350. It hold good for practice long hours and perform better on harsh playing condition. We tried the shuttle with toughest playing condition to test the durability parameter of both the shuttles.

• Flight Patterns of Mavis 350 and 2000 are almost similar and offer close to feather shuttlecock performance.

• Shuttle recovery time is of Mavis 2000 is better as compare to Mavis 350. It means, Mavis 2000 offer better shot playing ability. However, this margin is very less.

• Based on flight pattern, durability and shuttlecock recovery time, it is clear that Playing Condition of Mavis 2000 is better as compare to Mavis 350.