YONEX Mavis 350 | 2 Boxes -12 Nylon Shuttles cocks|Green cap

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Yonex Mavis 350 - Feather Like Performance (Best Selling Nylon Shuttle in India with Slow speed and excellent flight path):

Yonex Mavis 350 is all time hit Nylon shuttlecock for practice session as it’s provide close to feather like shuttle performance (Speed and Flight accuracy). 

Mavis 350 gives very consistence performance to badminton players. Each shuttle is tested by Yonex quality team with high quality standard so that player can get best performance every time on court. 


As claimed by Yonex, mavis 350 is 5 times durable as compare to other brand Nylon shuttles.


Yonex Mavis 350 is available in different speed configuration for different weather conditions. We all know that skirt of Nylon shuttle is made of nylon material which is sensitive to temperature. 

To overcome this problem, Yonex manufactured shuttle in 3 different color variant which will meet the required of player as per playing condition.

Recovery time of Nylon Shuttle is very important as its decide the performance of shuttle. Quick recovery time gives better flight, opportunity to hit proper shots. Yonex mavis 350 gives recovery time of .02 Seconds. This time is .008 second faster than other brand Nylon shuttles and .005 second slower than Yonex feather shuttle.


Nylon Material of Mavis 350 is something which is very sensitive to temperature. In hot temperature condition the skirt of shuttle become soft which gives uneven flight path and pattern where else in cold condition skirt become hard and tends to break. 

Mavis 350 Red :
Mavis 350 red is fast shuttlecock which is developed for 0 Degree Centigrade to 13 Degree Centigrade Temperature. 

Mavis 350 Blue: 
Mavis 350 blue is medium speed shuttlecock which is developed for 12 Degree Centigrade to 23 Degree Centigrade Temperature. Mavis 350 Green
Mavis 350 green is slow speed shuttlecock which is developed for 22 Degree Centigrade to 33 Degree Centigrade Temperature.

Mavis 350 Flight Pattern
Mavis 350 gives better flight pattern as compare to other brands nylon shuttlecock.





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