Whether you're a badminton enthusiast or a casual player, selecting the right Shuttlecock is crucial for an enjoyable game. Feather and nylon badminton shuttlecocks are two popular options, each with unique characteristics. The texture of the Shuttlecock contributes to the overall playing experience. It adds a tactile element to the game, enhancing player engagement and enjoyment during rallies and matches.

This article will explore the differences between Feather and nylon shuttlecocks to help you make an informed decision and enhance your badminton experience.

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Feather vs. Nylon Shuttlecock- Making the Right Choice:

The texture influences Shuttlecock's interaction with the racket, affecting shot accuracy. A shuttlecock with the right texture provides consistent and reliable contact, improving shot accuracy.

Material Composition:

Plastic Shuttlecock is made from a synthetic material, usually nylon or flexible plastic.

about nylon shuttleock

The Feather Shuttlecock is made natural feather of a goose or duck (Left Wing Only). These feathers are attached to natural cork and bind together to make single unit. Shape of shuttlecock is designed in such way so that its give high aerodynamic effect during its flight. Feather Shuttlecock is treated as best for professional badminton games.

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The Nylon Shuttlecock is known for its durability and resilience; it can withstand extreme games without significant damage.  Also Nylon shuttles are designed to give better performance even after long uses.

On other hand, feather shuttles are less durable as compare to nylon shuttle as it is made of natural feather considered as delicate. Feather shuttles are good for playing tournament or advance level badminton players looking for better control and accurate flight path.

Feather Paths:

Feather Shuttlecock takes high initial speed as compare to Nylon shuttle and observed more drag force due to its rigid shape. Due to more drag force on feather shuttle, it does undergo higher deceleration.




 During the close net clear shots, feather shuttles rise up in the air and fall straight to ground while on other hand, nylon shuttle travels at more flat angle.



To get the lift with nylon shuttle always required more power, in fact it’s difficult to get the high lift with nylon shuttle and thus it gives flatter shuttle trajectory.

As nylon shuttle travels on flatter trajectories so it’s difficult to hit the jump smash with Nylon shuttle.


Nylon shuttle require more power to hit the shuttle as compare to feather. With feather shuttles, player can accurately place and control the shots while with Nylon shuttle, controlling the shuttle is difficult due different drag forces.


Feather shuttlecock are consider as most costly as it is developed from select feathers of goose or duck (Left Wing Only).Due to selection process, farming, sanitation and other legal requirements make feather shuttle more costly. 

Nylon shuttle cost less as compare to feather shuttle as it is made from Nylon material which is not depends on animal wings.

FAQ for Feather Vs Nylon shuttlecock?

Q: Which shuttlecocks are used in Tournaments (In world’s championship, China open and Olympics)?

 Normally high grade Feather shuttlecock (Like YONEX AEROSENSA series of feather shuttlecocks) are used in professional tournaments.

Q: How to check the speeds of shuttlecock?

Player needs to hit the shuttle from back of court using underhand swing and check the speed and drop point of shuttle. To tell if a shuttlecock is moving at the appropriate pace, look for the small protrusions near the back of the court. The shuttlecock is moving at the appropriate pace as long as it is between the two ticks

Check below image for reference.


Q: How we can improve the Feather shuttlecock durability?

  1. After each use, store the feather shuttlecocks in a cool and dry place. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures or humidity, as this can damage the feathers.


  1. If you're using a tube or a container to store your shuttlecocks, rotate the shuttles regularly. This helps distribute the pressure on the feathers and prevents them from getting flattened or misshapen.



  1. Use them on proper surfaces: Feather shuttlecocks are designed for indoor use on badminton courts. Using them on rough or abrasive surfaces can cause the feathers to wear out quickly. Avoid playing with feather shuttlecocks outdoors on concrete or other non-standard surfaces.


  1. Clean the feathers: Over time, dust and dirt can accumulate on the feathers, affecting their performance. You can gently clean the feathers using a soft brush or by lightly blowing air to remove any debris.


  1. Nowadays player are using Humidifier for improving the durability of shuttlecocks. Humidifier is a product that makes your shuttles last a lot longer. Humidifier improves the moisture content of shuttle feathers and makes them durable for long term uses.

Q: Feather shuttlecocks are better as compare to Nylon shuttlecock?

            It is depend on how you are taking you game and what is your playing level? Most of the professional players use the feather shuttlecock for even practice purpose as it offers better accuracy, speed and flight patterns. At the same time, using feather shuttle on daily use may be costly choice. Most of the international tournaments use the feather shuttle so if you aim to become professional player then you must select the feather purpose while on daily use nylon shuttle would be good choice.



Most of the intermediate to advance badminton player use the nylon shuttlecock as it is very cost effective, offer better performance and available in variety of options like speeds and performance. Nylon shuttle are temperature sensitive so it is important to choose the right color shuttle based on weather condition. Feather shuttle on other hand is costly and use by professional players.


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