Yonex Aeroclub TR Badminton feather Shuttlecocks 2 boxes

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Details of Yonex ACB TR Feather Shuttlecock:

In the realm of badminton, the Yonex ACB TR shuttlecock reigns supreme when it comes to affordability without compromising on top-notch accuracy:

Crafted from the finest left-wing duck feathers, Yonex Feather shuttlecocks undergo rigorous feather selection, resulting in impeccable flight characteristics, rapid recovery, and optimal shuttle speed – a trifecta for peak shuttlecock performance.

Perfectly suited for both practice sessions and high-stakes tournament battles, the Yonex ACR TR shuttlecocks stand as a cost-effective gem in Yonex's feathered arsenal.


The shuttle's foundation boasts exceptional solidity and durability: Thanks to Yonex's choice of premium Portuguese cork. Renowned for its resilience and unwavering stability, Portuguese cork ensures a consistent flight trajectory every time.


Enhancing precision to the max, the ACB TR shuttlecocks feature Yonex's revolutionary Wing Rib structure, elevating flight accuracy and consistency. This innovative design also slashes air resistance, allowing the shuttlecock to hit peak velocity with minimal exertion.


The Yonex Aeroclub TR shuttlecock is the embodiment of resilience, constructed with unwavering strength to withstand the relentless demands of intense gameplay and frequent use





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Shuttle TypeFeather Shuttle
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