The most amazing and latest Yonex Badminton racquet string series EX BOLT is here . The most astonishing one which has ranked first is Yonex EXBOLT 63 . The material of this remarkable string is Forged Fiber. This outstanding material is very famous for its long-lasting nature, rapid repulsion, and narrow gauge.


In the former string material, an issue had been seen that if the strings are fragile, then there are chances of low longevity. But Forged Fiber has come into the picture to resolve this issue. Earlier, Yonex was using nylon for the construction of its badminton racquet strings. Original nylon has minimal power for holding the string in harsh conditions. Due to this, the life of these strings was concise. Therefore, to overcome this issue, Yonex introduced this Forged Fiber to build powerful strings for long-lasting durability. Also, with this fiber, Yonex has the privilege of making its strings thinner.

Latest quality of Yonex string tension: Forged Fiber

Yonex has adopted a new string material named Forged Fiber. This fiber has been made with high intermolecular interaction, leading to high endurance, power, and heat resistance. But how does this fiber enhance the strength of this string material? The reason is, the manufacturers separate the impurities during the manufacturing procedure. They expand the material more than they did before. As a result, the robustness and power of the material increases.


Lets understand a few points about string and string tension

Quite often, people get puzzled while choosing between factory strings and string upgrades. But here, we are going to expound a few points to remember regarding string and string tension. So, always understand these extremities while purchasing a badminton racquet.

1. There is always a sweet spot over the string bed of every racquet. This sweet spot is the zone that provides a racquet pace and strength.

2. On the string bed, the string tension and the sweet spot are inversely proportional to each other. If you increase the string tension, the sweet spot will decrease automatically. The casual players and beginners always require less power while playing their game. Therefore, they always pick the racquet with high string tension, as they mostly miss the shuttle.

3. The higher the string tension, the faster the shuttle will be. When players become harmonious in their game and become a bit more accurate to hit the sweet spot, they should select racquets with higher tension.

4. The thicker the string, the more the strength there will be. The players can use these kinds of strings in every challenging condition in their game. But Yonex strings have overcome this trouble by launching their new strings with Forged Fiber. With this fiber, the manufacturers can make the strings thinner even with more strength.

5. There is another factor that impacts the strings a lot which is the type of shuttle. Yes, you heard it right; the shuttle has some influence on your string performance while playing badminton.


How to select an excellent badminton racquet string?

Currently, an endless number of brands are there in the market that are providing numerous racquet strings. But this becomes a significant drawback for the beginner players due to a large variety. Several professional players purchase multifilament synthetic strings rather than natural strings. But if you are a beginner, then we would recommend you the string that suits your style, game, and level of playing the game. But before that, you have to acknowledge a few points that will help you purchase a badminton racquet string.

6. Repulsion

If you seek a badminton racquet with exceptional repulsion, pick a racquet with an extra thin racquet gauge. The pair of racquets you pick should have a thickness of less than 0.70 mm. This string thickness will provide you an amalgamation of strength and durability, which is appropriate for hitting severe strokes.

7. Resilience

Are you fed up with strings breaking constantly? If yes, then you must pay attention to the thickness of your strings. If your strings are thick, then you can enjoy the long-lasting companionship of your badminton racquets. Dont be confused by wandering in the market. Just pick Yonex EXBOLT 63 strings- as these are the thinnest and strongest strings available right now.

8. Power and control

Every player always seeks a badminton racquet that is a combination of power and control. If you are one of them, please choose a racquet with fragile strings of less than 0.70 mm. This kind of racquet will undoubtedly allow you to hit severe strokes with more control. Additionally, the player can easily smash their strokes with ease.

Few suggested string tensions for all kinds of players

Most of the players believe that high tension strings provide more power. Due to which they select a badminton racquet with higher tension due to overconfidence and leads to bad in-game performance. The players must understand that they have to give more power if they choose a racquet with high tension. And gaining and applying more power can cause any player a considerable injury in the arm or shoulder.

Therefore, a player needs to choose a string tension that suits their game level. Here, we are pointing out that there is no single string tension that matches every player. Different strings are there for different players that suit their playing style. Thus, right below, we have mentioned the different ranges of different string tensions. Lets take a look at them.

1. For advanced players: 26 lbs. and above

2. Regular players: 24-25 lbs.

3. Beginners: 20-23 lbs.

Majorly, the string tension between 20 to 23 lbs. suits a lot of badminton players. Many players play with plastic shuttles, and these shuttles dont require very high string tension. After knowing this fact, we can conclude that you can reduce your string tension by 2 to 3 lbs. due to the low power of plastic shuttles. By doing so, you can make any badminton racquet suitable for you.

How can you enhance the life of your racquet string?

Whenever a player initiates your search for the best badminton racquet, durability is the essential thing that every buyer demands. Lets have a look over a few things that will make your badminton racquet more long-lasting.

1. Ultra-narrow string

For having an enormous playing level, buy a badminton racquet with ultra-narrow strings. But you may doubt its longevity. So, at this point, we would like to say that if you purchase an extra thin string from any local seller, then it will not accompany you for a longer time. Purchase it from a top-grade brand for having a long-lasting experience with a fantastic badminton racquet.

2. Defected grommets

Grommet is the only thing that is responsible for securing the strings and keeping them away from any harm or damage. In case any of your grommets gets hurt, there are chances of harm to your string. So, for securing your racquet, it would be better if you check the strings daily. Place the new one if it is getting damaged.

3. Extremely high string tension

Sometimes, due to overconfidence, many players choose a badminton racquet of extremely high string tension. But it would help if you remembered high string tension influences the flexibility and endurance of your racquet. So, every player must be attentive towards appropriate badminton racquets that will suit their game.

4. Improper storage technique

This fact goes for all kinds of sports equipment. The life of any sports equipment depends on how you take care of it. The way you store it impacts your badminton racquet. For keeping your badminton racquet safe from unusual weather conditions, you can also purchase a thermal cover to store your racquet.

5. Misleading smashing power

If you smash the shuttle with extreme power, it will harm your badminton racquet strings. Also, if you are using your racquet very roughly, it will lessen the life. It would be best if you use your racquet correctly and not with consistency. The power with which you hit the shuttle is also responsible for the life of your badminton racquet. If you are using it with extreme power, it will eventually break the strings of your racquet.


Going into the market and purchasing a pair of badminton racquets is not the only thing you should do. For playing a top-notch game, you must purchase a fantastic badminton racquet with top-quality strings. For hitting consistent shots, again and again, you must know the good qualities of a badminton racquets. Thats why we have written this article to provide you profound knowledge about string tension. Take some time, evaluate your actual requirements, and then purchase an ideal badminton racquet with good strings.