About Shuttlecock:

Shuttlecock is a high drag badminton equipment works as projectile in badminton game. It has an open conical shape. The main components of the shuttlecock are the round cock (made of Natural rubber) and feathers.

Basically two types of shuttlecock are commonly known and available in market:

• Nylon Shuttle


• Feather Shuttlecock


Nylon shuttlecocks are made soft nylon material. A skirt which replaced the feathers of the shuttle is used in shuttle. Nylon skirt is fitted into natural rubber cock which tightly holds the complete geometry.

Nylon Shuttle is very famous in armature players or for practice purpose as it is very cost effective. Good quality nylon shuttle offers close to feather shuttlecock performance.

Different manufacturing companies claim to offer better performance from nylon shuttle , but Yonex Nylon shuttlecock are considered as better among all.

Feather Shuttlecock are made of natural feathers (Duck or Goose), there are 16 best quality feather are used in shuttlecock with a length of around 70 mm.

Weight of the feather shuttlecock is around 4.65 to 5.5 gms.

Yonex is one of the leading manufacturers of Nylon and feather shuttlecocks

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About Best Yonex Shuttlecocks in India:
Yonex AS 2 Feather Shuttlecock:

• As 2 is very popular and cost effective shuttlecock for daily precise. It is developed with high quality goose feathers which provide better flight and durability.

• Yonex AS 2 is made from top quality goose feather.

• Yonex used Best in Quality Portuguese Cork for head of shuttlecock.

• 1 box of As2 shuttlecock is equipped with 12 shuttles.

• Yonex used 7 largest feathers in As 2 to offer best performance

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Yonex AS 10 Feather Shuttlecock:

• As 10 is developed for regular practice.

• It is an high quality shuttlecock for professional players

• Its durability and flight characteristics are better than AS2

• Yonex used Best in Quality Portuguese Cork for head of shuttlecock

• As 10 is developed with only goose feather.

• Performance of Yonex As10 shuttlecocks are consistence as compare to other brand shuttle. When tested the flight on Aerosensa shuttle on court then it show the accuracy of 25 mm drop from target while it comes 75mm for other brand shuttle

• Overall , Yonex AS 10 is good option for those who love to play with feather shuttle with economic price range

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Yonex Mavis 350 Nylon Shuttlecock:

• Mavis 350 is top selling shuttlecock among the nylon shuttlecock for practice.

• Skirt of Yonex Mavis 350 is made of natural nylon material which offers better performance.

• Nylon Material of Mavis 350 is something which is very sensitive to temperature. In hot temperature condition the skirt of shuttle become soft which gives uneven flight path and pattern where else in cold condition skirt become hard and tends to break. TO overcome this problem , Yonex developed 3 types of Yonex Mavis 350 for different playing conditions.

• Mavis 350 comes into 3 colors which represent three different playing conditions based on temperature condition.

• Flight patterns of Mavis 350 are very consistence and almost similar to feather shuttle. So, player will get feather shuttlecock feel with Mavis 350.

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Yonex Mavis 600 Nylon Shuttlecock:

• Mavis 600 is another good model from Yonex Nylon shuttlecocks.

• This shuttlecock is made with patented technology called as Wing Rib. Wing Rib is the technology in which skirt of the shuttlecock is developed by observing the flight dynamics of shuttle. This help in optimum shape development of shuttle skirt.

• With optimum shape and design, player will get better playing characteristics.

• Flight patterns and flight shape of the Mavis 600 is very similar to best in class feather shuttlecock available in market.

• This Yonex Nylon shuttlecock is available in 3 different speeds which will suit the different playing characteristics of different game need.

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Yonex Mavis 2000 Nylon Shuttlecock:

• Mavis 2000 is higher grade shuttlecock developed with top grade natural nylon material used at shuttle skirt.

• Mavis 2000 is developed for ultimate practice and tournament shuttlecock for club players.

• The recovery time of Mavis 2000 is very good. Its recovery time is .02Sec . This is .005 slower than feather shuttlecock.

• Flight patterns of Mavis 2000 are very consistence and almost similar to feather shuttle. So, player will get feather shuttlecock feel with Mavis 2000.

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