Yonex Infinity 2 Power Cushion (Dual Straps) Badminton shoe

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The Yonex Infinity 2 incorporates the dual BOA design, ensuring enhanced fit and comfort for the toe and ankle regions. These BOA straps have been thoughtfully crafted to guarantee players maximum support and comfort. Thanks to the dual BOA strap mechanism, players can now achieve superior performance with fine adjustments, ensuring a snug fit on both the forefoot and ankle.

For enhanced fit and comfort, Yonex has incorporated the Durable Skin Light. This robust and flexible fibre-like material ensures a snug fit while maintaining soft comfort.

For heightened stability in the Yonex Infinity 2, a 3D power graphite plate has been employed. Strategically placed in the midsole, this plate ensures stability and efficient power transfer. Additionally, the shoe benefits from the Power Cushion Plus system, enhancing its overall cushioning. This system provides players with an improved shock absorption capacity by 28%.

Professionals like WANG CHI LIN of CHINESE TAIPEI, SAPSIREE TAERATTANACHAI from THAILAND, and SOH WOOI YIK of MALAYSIA prefer this badminton shoe.

Following are the Key technologies used to developed the Infinity 2:

Power Cushion Plus:

To deliver unparalleled comfort and significantly reduce the risk of injuries, Yonex has pioneered the Power Cushion Plus technology. This system merges both soft and hard Eva materials in the midsole, forming a triple-layered cushion that excels in shock absorption. Notably, Yonex's experimentation showed that an egg, when dropped from a height of 12 metres onto the POWER CUSHION Plus mat, bounced back up to 6 metres without cracking.


Power Cushion Plus

Power Cushion:

Recognized for its unmatched comfort and impact absorption, the Power Cushion technology takes in the force and then redirects that energy, enabling a smooth continuation of movement. The YONEX Power Cushion's design amplifies its shock-absorbing prowess by threefold.


Power Cushion

Double Raschel Mesh:

Mesh is instrumental in athletic shoes, fostering adequate air flow to maintain shoe aeration during extended badminton matches. The Double Raschel Mesh, a uniquely lightweight yet sturdy material, provides an air-exchange rate that's eight times superior to regular mesh materials, facilitating effective moisture dispersal.

Power Graphite Lite:

To augment the stability of shoes, Yonex rolled out the Power Graphite Lite innovation. This ensures the footwear is not just lightweight but also steadfast. The design features an ultra-light graphite plate situated beneath the middle of the foot to reinforce stability.

Lateral Shell:

Strategically placed on the exterior forefront of the shoe, the Lateral Shell aids in preventing lateral sliding along the sole's periphery. This design not only conserves energy but also elevates the precision of foot movements, resulting in dexterous, fluid, and assertive steps.

Synchro-Fit Insole:

With a vision to refine the midsole's functionality and comfort, Yonex reengineered the design of its inner sole. By uplifting the central part of the innersole, it guarantees an intimate bond between the foot and the sole, ensuring the heel is snugly anchored. This tight fit reduces any extra space inside, elevating the shoe's comfort and thwarting any forward foot movement within.


Synchro-Fit Insole

Round Sole:

YONEX's signature Round Sole is tailored to grant holistic support, facilitating rapid and flowing footwork. This structuring ensures uninterrupted transitions and a peak energy transfer.


Round Sole

ToughBrid Light:

ToughBrid Light, a lightweight material positioned on the shoe's side, enhances stability and notably reduces stress on the legs and knees.


ToughBrid Light



Yonex Power Cushion infinity dual strap shoe is latest shoe from Yonex in which dual straps is being used with BOA system.


Earlier in Yonex infinity shoes, single straps in used with BOA system. Double steps system with BOA helps in perfect and secure fitting of shoe.


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