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About Brand

Badminton is the sport of uncertainty. It changes within seconds, because you never know what is going to happen next? And a sort of movement, whether it is body balance or feet movement, can become the major reason for defeat or walk towards the dressing room. Players got to capitalize every single side of the sport with perfection before going towards the court, and right body and feet balance is essential before picking up the badminton racquet.

Over the past few decades, we have seen numerous cases of unbalanced movements of the feet during the game of badminton and most often it becomes the reason for major injuries. That is why the core role of the right footwear came into existence. Sports shoe are the essential aspect of the players as well as the game. These sports shoes come with multiple varieties to meet the requirements of the game and to offer every possible help to the players.

Now, the concept of sports shoes and especially badminton shoes can be seen with different levels of grip, and according to the personal preference of the players. These shoes can carry any form of the game whether it is cricket, hockey, football or badminton. The essentiality of extra grip and durability will give you the freedom to maximize your capability. In terms of cricket, as a batsman, it allows you to shuffle and move fast between the crease. If you are a football player, then with aid of shoes, you can run fast as much as you can without any possibility of injury or unbalance.


Essentiality of shoes in the game of badminton

The game of Badminton is popularly pronounced as a fast-paced game. It shows the quick movements of the feet and requires fast changes in every second with the direction of the shuttlecock. And the concept of the fast-paced game says that if you want to play better, then choose the right footwear. This game requires thinner sole shoes because with the diminution of your centre of gravity, it automatically reduces the chances of unbalance and injuries. And this is the main reason why you should go for the sports shoes rather than normal shoes.

Basically, Badminton is an indoor house game, which consists of multiple varieties of the surface. That’s why you need to buy the shoes according to the surface of the court. Mostly, wooden or PU/PVC courts are used for the international matches and this surface requires a shoe with the combination of Gum rubber soles. Because these shoes are very useful in terms of powerful grip or traction.


Important Features

So, let’s check out some essential features of core badminton shoes that enhance the performance of the players as well as the game.


1) Gives the assurance of high performance

a) Shows great durability and high bearing power.

b) Gives the proper and right balance to the player during the game.


2) Great quality of grip and traction.

This is one of the core aspects of sports shoes. The quality of extra grip and high traction power gives better control and strength to the player.


3) The quality of light-weight

This is also one of the core feature of badminton shoes. As we have said that, badminton is the game of quick perception and movement. That’s why it demands fewer weight accessories to control the game better and easier. The quality of low weight allows the players to move their feet according to the requirement of the game.


4) Good cushioning

A well and high quality cushioned shoes gives better comfort to the feet during the game. It completely absorbs the drastic impact of the ground and gives better comfort to the feet.

And if you are looking for all these qualities in only one shoe, then you must buy the Yonex Badminton Shoes.


About the Yonex

It was all started in 1962, when the Japan-based Yonex Company had made the badminton racket for the university game and from that period of time, the Company has been ruling the badminton world with its great sports equipment and accessories. The tagline of the company says that “with premium quality products, we will continue to enhance the world with sports.” The company has the great philosophy that says “we want to contribute in the sports world by our new innovative technology, and the tremendous quality products.”


Yonex Badminton

Yonex is one of the leading sports equipment manufacturing companies in the world. It makes premium sports equipment, which is used by international players throughout the world. It has great expertise in the field of badminton sport and has been making badminton rackets for the last 50 years. The company shows numerous varieties and manufactures high-class and international rackets to initial stage rackets.


Yonex Badminton shoes

Yonex is a brand of premium sports shoes, which produces a quality product according to the high standards of international players. It fabricates numerous varieties in the shoe category and specifically focuses on badminton sports shoes. It has been producing sports accessories for the last 5 decades. This company gives preferences to the players and makes customizable badminton shoe also. Yonex manufacturing is setting up high standards with its quality sports products.


Yonex latest shoe technology

With the advancement of time and requirement of the game, Yonex is manufacturing some high-class badminton shoes with the most advanced technology. The essential features like 3-layer power cushion, toe supportive shape, flexion upper and the major power cushion are taking the brand to the pinnacle.

So, let’s check out thoroughly about them.



This is one of the most essential technology in terms of sports shoe-making because it gives high shock and impact absorbing power to the feet. Yonex makes sports shoes with power cushion technology. And the fact is, this power cushion has more absorbing power than Urethane.


2) 3-Layer Power Cushion

In the game of badminton, this essential feature of the shoes allows the feet to generate high performance. The point is that this technology is only used in higher end badminton shoes. The technology of 3-layer cushion is 30% more shock absorbing than the normal power cushions. The use of top and bottom layers cushions creates high resonance.


3) Toe Supportive Shape

This is also a top technology in badminton shoes. The toe supportive shape mitigates the higher pressure from your foot and offers more support.


4) Flexion Upper

A flexion upper that shows the asymmetrical design and curved shape is more the beneficiary for the players.

? Now, let’s check some exquisite Yonex badminton shoes and know their specifications.


1) Yonex Super ACE V Badminton Shoes Grey and Lime Green.

The Super ACE V is one of the most trending shoes in the sports world because it comes with the latest design concept which is known as die cut. In this concept, company produces shoes with die cuts.

Some other core features like Round sole give maximum grip while playing, high skin fit quality assures the comfortability of the feet, true shapes gives better control and stability for the toe areas and the feature of true cushion guarantees the better shock absorption.


2) Yonex Power Cushion SHB 36 Wide

As the name suggests, this shoe is a great option for the wider feet players. The wide last technology of the shoe shows the comfortability. This product of the Yonex brand comes with 3-layer SHB power cushion technology that assures a high ability of absorption power and durability.

The core technology of the Microfiber and PU makes it lightweight and durable. And the concept of the ergo shape gives more comfort.


3) Yonex Court ACE Matrix 2

The Yonex Matrix 2 is the upgraded version of the Matrix series. This series was launched in the previous year and became popular among the players. This product shows the core features which makes it a step ahead from others. The use of the power cushion, the concept of cutting material, unique pattern and great skin fit feature makes it a great choice.


4) Yonex Power Cushion SHB 48 EX

The brand of Yonex comes with the amazing Power cushion SHB 48 Ex shoes. This shoe offers various color variety and graphics combination. Some other sports features like 3-layer power cushion, microfiber and PU makes it a great one for the game. Some core quality like light-weight and greater durability shows the strength.


5) Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z M

They say we must preserve the best for the last, that’s why we are showing this Yonex badminton shoe in the last. This shoe is the latest addition of 2019 and is specially made for the professional players. It offers maximum quality features for the aid of the feet. The high concept of power cushion plus makes this a high-value product.



So, after discussing all the aspects of the Yonex badminton shoes , the aphorism says that if are looking for the best and pro technological based shoes, then you must go with the Yonex.