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About Brand

Cricket shoes are the utmost priority to enhance the performance of any player. Asics is the biggest supplier of cricket shoes all over the world for many years. The brand has the most excellent image in providing high-quality cricket shoes, and the comfort level they provide in their shoes by using the latest technologies is also admired worldwide. The Asics gel cricket shoes are the best range of Asics, specially designed for the cricket players. Asics cricket shoes aim to provide long-lasting running with more efficiency.


What’s new in Asics Gel technology?


The Asics Gel technology comes with a mixture of original technology and engineering the running gate. Asics comes with a fresh approach to spike shoes, sole technology, construction, and cushioning. The MetaRide form has put all focus on reducing the friction energy at the joint of the ankle.

Asics has also combined the gel technology with FlyteFoam to minimize muscle fatigue and enhance responsiveness during the heel impact. The use of gel technology in the high impact areas helps in reducing the fatigue caused due to foot strike. The bottom layer is of FlyteFoam collaborated with MetaRide, which offers a soft cushion material. The latest technology in Asics gel shoes put to focus on the rearfoot, which helps in fast running.

The best Asics Gel strike shoes with the latest technology


The Asics gel strike shoes come with a wide range of cricket shoes to enhance the performance of the players. Here are some of the best cricket shoes provided in 2019 by Asics with the latest technology:

Asics Gel-300 not out


The Asics gel 300 not out cricket shoes come with the latest technology. The shoes are fitted with FlyteFoam midsole technology and forwarded with PU plate to give comfort and best performance. These Asics shoes provide external stability and are manufactured with kangaroo leather vamp for providing a longer performance. The upper part is structured to provide the best support that comes with the welded support strap. External stability is provided by the full metal PU forefoot studs and rearfoot studs.

Asics Gel Gully 5 full spike shoes


This Asics cricket spike shoe is especially made up for batting and fielding purposes. The shoes are structured to provide lightweight quality and cushion. It is manufactured with SpEVA lasting midsole. The P guard and reinforcement element in the forefoot help in enhancing the durability and extension. PHF technology provides friction-free hit and snug quality. It comes with a toe protector along with the rearfoot gel cushion systems. The removable sock liners increase the performance and durability of the shoes. It is made up of good material by focusing on significant aspects like mesh used, synthetic leather, and rubber for sole material. These materials enhance the quality and durability of the shoes.

Asics gel Odi 5 cricket shoes for bowlers


The product is particularly designed for the bowlers for faster pick-up and running. Asics gel Odi 5 cricket shoes provide comfort and smoothness, which in turn, enhances the performance of a player on the ground. The Asics bowling spikes shoes come with rubber soles and spikes. The outer material is formed with synthetic leather and mesh. The fluid ride technology and gel design provide extra bounce and shock absorbance. Fluid Ride technology enhances the performance and durability of the shoes.

Asics Gel Peake 5 cricket shoes


The Asics gel peak 5 cricket shoe comes with advanced gel technology. The front, rear, and the midsole have been taken care of, for extra comfort. It is a form of high-quality shock-absorbing material. The heel is formed by using gel technology to absorb the impact load. The Asics Gel Peake cricket shoes use the fly foam material to maintain the light weight of the shoes. The microfiber elements present in the heel counter provide comfort and durability to the sole. The sole of the shoes is made of high-quality rubber and polymer, and is also incorporated with high molding technology. Gel-100 Not Out

The Asics gel-100 not out is the perfect combination of shoes used in cricket. It comes with impressive features like- rearfoot gel unit for shock absorbance and removable studs. The upper part of the shoe is structured with mesh panel and durable material to add comfort and breathability during ground time. The rearfoot gel cushion provides ease in running. It is manufactured with high-quality synthetic leather. The sole is made up of rubber.


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