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  1. New Balance CK4020 14 Cricket Shoes
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The latest New Balance cricket shoes for 2023

In 2023, New Balance unveiled an innovative collection of stud and spike shoes, showcasing the latest advancements in design and technology. This exciting new range not only offers cutting-edge features but also boasts vibrant designs, ensuring you look stylish, sharp, and secure when you step onto the cricket pitch

New Balance has engineered a cricket spike and its sole capable of withstanding the immense ground force generated by fast bowlers as they power through the crease.

These shoes carry the endorsement of some of the world's fastest bowlers, including Dale Steyn, Mark Wood, and Liam Plunkett.

"In 2023, New Balance introduced the CK4030 W series of Spikes, CK4020 R series for rubber studs, and the highly anticipated CK10 series in India. At, we proudly offer the complete range of New Balance shoes at the most competitive and affordable prices.

How much do NB cricket shoes cost?

At, we provide the best online prices, guaranteed authenticity, and a 7-day free size replacement service. The prices for NB spike shoes range from Rs 6400/- to Rs 8590/-, while NB rubber stud shoes are priced between Rs 3800/- and Rs 4590/-.

Do New Balance shoes offer a convertible feature?

Yes, all New Balance shoes come with a spare convertible option. Players have the flexibility to remove the metal spikes and install the convertible option as needed.


Q: What makes New Balance cricket shoes stand out from other brands?

Ans:  These shoes are prized for their exceptional durability and comfort, allowing players to perform at their best during extended hours of cricket without experiencing excessive fatigue.

Q: Are NB cricket shoes available for both beginners and professional players?

Ans:  Indeed, New Balance provides a diverse selection of cricket shoes tailored to the needs of players across the skill spectrum, encompassing novices to seasoned professionals. Specifically, models like the CK 4020R5 and CK 4020 J4 feature rubber studs and cater to the footwear requirements of beginners and intermediate cricket players. 

Q: What are New Balance spikes, and why are they important for cricket shoes?

Ans: These are metal spikes designed to be affixed to the sole, providing players with superior traction. These spikes are crafted from stainless steel, ensuring both long-lasting durability and resistance to stains and rust.

Q: Can I use New Balance cricket shoes for other sports or activities?

Ans:  It is advisable to reserve your New Balance cricket shoes exclusively for cricket-related activities. These shoes are meticulously crafted to bolster the precise movements inherent to cricket, and thus, may not be well-suited for other sporting endeavors.

Q: How do I choose the right size of NB cricket shoes?

Ans: Please make sure to consult the accurate size guide provided on each shoe's product page on the website. It is essential to measure your foot size accurately and then choose the corresponding size accordingly.

Q: Can I replace worn-out New Balance spikes on my cricket shoes?

Ans:  Certainly, a number of New Balance cricket shoes are designed to facilitate spike replacement. This feature enables you to replace worn-out spikes, ensuring that you can sustain optimal traction on the cricket field.