Kookaburra Blaze Pro 700 English Willow Cricket Bat

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Profile of the bat:
Kookaburra blaze pro 700 is one of the finest creations among the kookaburra cricket bat catalogue, this bat is specially hand crafted designed. This is designed with kookaburra supper spine technology which ensures to generate the maximum power through every single ball. Increased edges of the bat minimize the power loss caused from off centre strikes. Kookaburra bats are manufactured with maximum size of sweet spot available. Kookaburra handles utilizes multiple piece of selected cane to enhance the bond strength between the handle and blade which maximizes the durability and power transfer.

Weight of the bats:
The weight of blaze pro 700 is balanced by special technology which maintains the weight in its special concaving design, so player can feel very light while taking shots. Its weight differs between 1150gms to 1230gms which is the standard size for a professional cricket bat.

Edges of the bat:
Blaze pro 700 is developed with expert manpower which ensures the massive edge. With massive edge player can perform the destructive shots with improved power, Edge thickness of this bat varies from 38 mm to 44 mm.

Willow of the bat:
Willow is graded on the number of grains on the face of the blade. The higher number of grade the less knots and stains will be found. Kookaburra uses premium quality grade A handpicked English cricket willow. This MRF bat will allow player to make good cricketing shots like drive, pull and cuts.

Handle of the bat:
Handle of the bat is very special part as it controls the bat power, so the handle of this bat is designed with 12 piece of swark cane and rubber lamination technology it can absorb the maximum shock produced due to ball hit. This type of handle is best for controlling the bat in all directions.

Grains of the bat:
Grains basically describe the age of the bat, the maximum grains on a bat the maximum life of a bat. The no. of grains you can found on this grade A English willow bat is between 8 to 12.

Authentication of a kookaburra bat:
Authenticating of this bat can be of two types, with the help of them player can identify real or fake. A- A hologram mark of kookaburra Company pasted in the middle of the bat, with information like price written, bar code no. and other manufacturing details. B- A 3d hologram on the shoulder of the bat, it is unique in nature as you can see the company name in all directions.

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