Kookaburra Jos Buttler 300 English Willow Cricket Bat

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Kookaburra Jos Buttler 300 is made from unbleached grade 3 English willow naturally air dried technique. Bat made from grade from grade 3 willow will provide 4 to 5 grains in final bat. There may be some minor marks on willow face and those marks will not impact the bat performance at all.

Weight and pick up of any English Willow bat is very important and it is always depends on craftsmanship how balance or optimization of pickup and weight is managed. A perfectly designed bat dead weight might scale high but if bat pickup is good the player will feel it light. To achieve this, J os Buttler 300 is developed with light pickup so player can enjoy making horizontal shots like pull and cuts.


Further, to generate more power on shots, this bat from Kookaburra is equipped with power drive concept. In this concept, multiple piece of cane is infused with rubber so handle will become a single unit which transfers maximum power to blade.

Overall, this bat is suitable for all-round type of cricket player and player with this bat can perform the verity of cricketing shots.

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