Kookaburra Verve 400 Cricket Bat

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Kookaburra Verve 400 Cricket Bat:
Verve 400 bat is endorsed by Jos Buttler.Developed with grade 1 english willow and Kookaburra standard willow drying technique.Player will get 6 to 9 straight grains in this bat. Grain profile and its property will be clean and clear. This kookaburra bat is designed by considering the mordden cricket game need which required the lightweight bat profile.
Kookaburra used super spine concept in this bat which gives all time maximum dimension of bat spine. With big edge and spine of 64 mm generate explosive power on shots.Kookaburra further optimized the sweet spot of bat by considering the spine, edge and scallop of the bat. Verve 400 bat is developed with round face which give better directional control to bat.
Overall , Kookaburra verve 400 is good option for those who wants all round type of bat for modern game need with lightweight feel.
Bat handle:
This bat is 12 Piece Sarawak Cane Round Handle for strength and flexibility.The handle comes with a octopus grip giving you a stronger hold and feel when you grip the bat in your hand with your gloves on.
Edge Profile:
Big edge profile which increases from the shoulders and maximises at the sweet spot, generating supreme balance with an extended sweet spot that covers the entire width of the blade.
Spin Profile:
High spine and big edges give this bat a huge hitting area.
Sweet spot:
Kookaburra bats are engineered to maximise the size of the sweet spot, allowing the middle of the bat to be spread further across the blade meaning that off centre strikes perform better.
The curve of the bat from the tip of the handle to the end of the toe. Designed to enhance the position of the hands by placing them ahead of the ball, which is essential for good stroke play.
Bat Care:
While these English willow bats are prepared with high quality standard, but player need to care the bat before and after using it. Proper Oiling is very important of a brand new cricket bat. Oiling should be done with bat oiling (Linseed Oil). Make 2 coat of Bat oiling and keep it for 24 hrs. Keep extra oil on toe and edge of the bat. After oiling knocking is very important. Use wooden mallet to knock the bat. Start with gentle hit at toe and edges of the bat. You can increase the impact of mallet based on wood surface. Knocking process should be done at least 48 hrs.

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