MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat kohli English Willow Cricket Bat Standard Size

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The MRF Virat Kohli bat is crafted using traditional techniques, where a significant portion of the wood is skillfully placed behind the sweet spot. This process ensures not only exceptional balance but also a remarkable power-packed performance

Meticulously handcrafted, the bat is tailored to match the distinctive playing style of the renowned Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli. Thus, bearing his name, the MRF Virat Kohli bat stands as a testament to its thoughtful development and precision engineering.

This bat boasts a weight ranging from 1180 to 1220 grams, providing a perfect balance between power and manoeuvrability. 

Players can also expect exceptional bat specifications, including edges measuring 38 to 40 millimetres and a spine spanning from 60 to 62 millimetres.

MRF has crafted this top-of-the-line bat using carefully selected professional-grade first-grade willow, ensuring outstanding performance on the cricket field. 

Players can anticipate a straight grain profile featuring 7 to 9 grains, free from any imperfections on the bat's face.

The handle of the MRF Grand Edition Virat Kohli bat is ingeniously constructed using a combination of 12 sections of Sarawak cane and advanced rubber lamination technology. 

This design effectively absorbs the substantial shock generated by ball impacts. Furthermore, the handle's rigidity is meticulously calibrated, ensuring that players can achieve optimal power transfer upon striking the cricket ball.

Authenticating of this MRF Grand Edition Virat Kohli bat can be of two types:

(1) The company's Maximum Retail Price (MRP) label is affixed to the center of the bat, displaying crucial information such as the price, barcode number, and other essential manufacturing details.

(3) A distinctive 3D hologram is situated on the bat's shoulder, showcasing a unique feature that allows the company name to be visible from all angles. This innovative hologram adds an element of exclusivity to the bat's design.

At, we proudly offer 100% authentic MRF bats, a fact that can be independently verified through the MRF company itself. Additionally, our commitment extends to providing post-sale warranty services in accordance with the established norms set by MRF. Your trust and satisfaction are our top priorities.


MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli bat



MRF Genius Grand Edition Virat Kohli

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