Nivia Super In Line Skates 804

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Nivia In Line Suoper Skates is made from superior quality material which will be provide you Long lasting, durable and reliable performance. It is Built for maximum output and Manufactured by leading brand. It is equipped with improved rubber provide you effective surface contact between wheels and surface. With this type of wheel skaters will get better feel and comfort during skating. Skates straps are designee effectively which will give you better results. These skates are suitable for both senior and junior.

About skates:

Roller Skating is an activity in which player move on surface with the help of device known as roller skates. Roller skates are treated as recreational activity in which skaters enjoy the game while it is also emerging as well organized sports at international level. In roller skating, roller skates are most important part of this game. Skates are manufactured with the help if steel chassis (Like any other transport, roller skates chassis is also made of steel) which overall rigid frame on which load and impact can be sustained. In Roller skates, Heavy duty rubber wheel are assembled to steel chassis with the help of ball bearing for gives a frictionless wheel movements. At Khelmart, we have full range of roller skates with multi brands options like JJ Jonex Roller skates , Kamchi Roller skates , Cosco Roller Skates and many more.

Complete Guide on Roller Skates:

About Roller Skates:

The roller skating inventor named Joseph Merlin introduced the first recorded roller skate back in 1760. Skates are made up of different components, all of which are important for the skates. In this guide we shall explain the most popular components of the roller and inline skates.


Plates are the main part of roller skates. A plate is attached to the foot to skates and supports the trucks which hold the wheels. Plates are made of Mild steel and coated with anti correction material coating.


Boot is the part of roller and inline skates in which your feed goes inside. Boot gives support to your feet.


Trucks are again the main structure of roller skates which attach to plates and closely hold the wheels.


Roller skate are equipped with different types of wheels based roller skates types. They can vary in size, shape, hardness and hub material. Different types of roller skates are equipped with different type of wheel material and wheel material it is based on skate’s usability. Outdoor Surface is non smooth in nature thus required softer wheel material to acquire more surface area. Similarly Indoor surface is smooth in nature and require harder wheel material.


Bearing allows wheel to move smoothly without friction. Normally ball bearing is used in roller skates which give less fraction and smooth wheel movements. A bearing cap is also provided on side of bearing to avoid the rusting.

Toe Stop and Plug:

During skating something we need to stop or reduce the speed of skates to avoid the sudden collision. In quad skates, a toe stopper is provided to reduce or stop the skate. Stopper is made of durable rubber material and placed at front part of skate.

Different Types of Roller Skates:

Roller Skates may be divided into the following categories:

1) Speed Skates:

This type of skates design is to very popular in skating community. Speed skates have a low-cut shoe and the strap across the instep is for extra ankle support. These skates plate is made of high impact urethane material with double action cushion with an adjustable toe stop, speed style wheels and bearing enables to skate faster and adequate.

2) Outdoor Skates:

Outdoor skates are comes with high-top or low-top roller skates. Outdoor wheels are designed to high impact and high rebound urethane and it gives you smooth wheel movements. The only difference between indoor and outdoor skates is that, Outdoor Surface is non smooth in nature thus necessary softer wheel material to acquire more surface area and Indoor surface is smooth in nature and need harder wheel material.

3) Indoor Skates:

These skates are traditional style and durable classic designed for indoor rink skating, artistically dance and rhythm dance. Indoor wheels are equipped with extra fine material which allow for easy turning, comfort and stability. These skates will provide you excellent control while performing spins and jumps.

4) Kids Skates:

These skates are designed for very young children to learn to move at a slow speed with wheels on their feet. These types of skates bearing and wheels are strong and capable to maintain balance and it is equipped with rear brakes which help to control the speed whenever its go fast.

5) Inline Skates:

There are main 3 types of Inline skates.
a) Recreational Skates
b) Roller Hockey Skates
c) Racing Skates

a) Recreational Skates:

These skates are designed for high-top boots with a narrow wheel which provides more ankle support. Recreational Skates is designed with outdoor wheel while it is wider and softer than an indoor wheel. Skating plate is made of aluminum or a high urethane composition material. These skates offer a secure fit, longer periods of time and stability.

b) Roller Hockey Skates:

These skates are made for roller hockey players. Roller hockey is a very well-known sport, especially along youth and young adults. These skates offer even more stiffness, support and impact resistance.

c) Racing Skates:

These skates are designed for professional players. The boot is designed for least amount of wind resistance and as close to your foot as possible.

About Roller Skates Protection:


It is important to stay protected and healthy. Knees protection is made of better breathable material and high quality protective pad, designed for safety and comfort. The hard plastic pad offers maximum protection, soft sponge and inner pad provides comfort and stability.


Elbows protection is made of high grade durable fabrics and polycarbonate full coverage caps and it provide inclusive protection without restricting the movement to perform.


Helmet makes the perfect protection for outdoor roller skating. It is designed specifically for roller or inline skating. Skating Helmets are made of lightweight plastic material with ergonomic design which will provide you good comfort and less air resistance for fast skating movements.

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