SS Ton Professional English Willow Cricket Bat Standard Size

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The SS Ton Professional English Willow Cricket Bat in standard size represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and performance in the world of cricket equipment. Crafted from Grade 1 English Willow, this bat exemplifies superior quality and durability, ensuring that players can rely on its performance in every game. With meticulous attention to detail and precision engineering, the SS Ton Professional is designed to meet the exacting standards of professional cricketers, offering them a tool that enhances their skills on the field.

One of the standout features of the SS Ton Professional is its iconic profile, which includes a powerful sweet spot and thick edges. This design characteristic allows players to generate immense power behind their shots, enabling them to execute strokes with confidence and precision. Whether it's a textbook drive down the ground or a lofted shot over the infield, this bat provides the responsiveness and power needed to dominate the game.

In addition to its impressive hitting capabilities, the SS Ton Professional boasts excellent balance and weight distribution. This ensures that players can maintain control over their shots, whether they're playing defensively or looking to take on the bowling attack. With a well-balanced bat in hand, cricketers can execute their game plans effectively, knowing that they have the maneuverability and control needed to succeed.

Furthermore, the SS Ton Professional features a traditional Saravak Cane Handle, renowned for its ability to absorb shock and enhance power transfer. This handle design not only reduces the impact on the hands and wrists but also maximizes the energy transferred to the ball upon contact, allowing players to achieve greater distances and heights with their shots. Overall, the SS Ton Professional English Willow Cricket Bat in standard size embodies excellence in every aspect, making it the preferred choice for serious cricketers looking to elevate their game to new heights.

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Manufacturer/ImporterManufacture Details: Sareen Sports Industries (Salarpur, near Translam Academy, Mawana Road, Meerut – 250001 Uttar Pradesh India)
Willow Type Grade 1 English Willow
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