SS Ton Gladiator Grade 1 English Willow Cricket Bat Standard Size

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About the Willow:

The SS Gladiator is crafted from handpicked, top-grade English willow. This willow undergoes a natural processing method that yields a flawless grain structure, resulting in an exceptional lightweight English willow bat. It's the epitome of a premium English willow cricket bat, boasting around 9 to 12 straight grains.

SS pays special attention to managing the moisture content in the bat, ensuring optimised levels that enhance durability and overall performance.

Bat Profile:

The SS Gladiator stands tall as a premier cricket bat within the complete SS range. This exemplary SS bat boasts a profile with a low to mid sweet spot on its spine.

Balancing a low to mid sweet spot bat can sometimes pose a challenge due to the bat's weight distribution slightly leaning toward the lower point. However, SS Cricket skillfully addresses this by shaping the toe in a unique manner, incorporating a blend of subtle rounding and flatness. This ingenious design ensures that the bat maintains superb balance.

While the overall profile is characterised as low to mid, the back profile of the bat appears full. Yet, SS incorporates a touch of concaving on the backside, contributing to its impeccable ping. This feature allows for perfect shots even when the ball makes contact slightly off-center.

Handle Construction:

The handle of any cricket bat is a crucial component, and it must be robust enough to withstand the impact from ball strikes while also maximising energy transfer. SS employs a 12-piece cane handle for this bat.

The 12-piece cane handle is further laminated with cork lining, providing an ideal combination of rigidity and durability. This handle design is considered the best choice for top-grade English willow bats.

Bat Weight:

The weight of this remarkable bat falls within the range of 1140 grams to 1200 grams. At Khelmart, players have the flexibility to specify their preferred weight during the order process. Our cricket experts will then select the bat to align with the specified weight requirements.

The bat's balance is exceptional, meaning that even if you opt for a bat weighing around 1190 grams, it will feel as light as 1140 grams, thanks to its lightweight pickup.


Bat Cover:

SS equips the Gladiator with a high-quality cricket bat cover constructed from PU, 6x6 fabric, and other top-notch materials. The SS bat cover is purpose-built to shield the bat from unwanted dents and potential damages.

For added protection, the bat cover features inner lining padding, high-quality zippers, and convenient hand straps for easy transportation.

Authenticity of SS Bats:

To ensure the authenticity of SS bats, a stringent 3-point authenticity check is conducted for all English and Kashmir Willow cricket bats.

SS provides a stretchable barcode on the back of the bat, which players can extend to reveal the authentication number. This number can be verified on the SS Cricket website or by using the SS Mobile app.

SS includes a unique 3D hologram on the backside of the bat, visible from all angles, featuring the SS name within the hologram.

All SS English Willow cricket bats undergo a rigorous quality check at the SS bat factory. Following this quality assessment, SS applies a unique quality check mark on the back of the bat. Players are encouraged to verify these steps to ensure the authenticity of their SS cricket bats.


At Khelmart, we exclusively sell 100% authentic and genuine cricket bats.


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