SS Master 5000 English Willow Cricket Bat

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Bat Profile Overview:

The SS Master 5000 bat takes its place among professional-level cricket bats in the SS Cricket bat lineup. Notably, its sweet spot is strategically located in the low to mid position.

Being a bat with a low to mid sweet spot, it can sometimes be a challenge to maintain optimal balance due to the slight shift in the bat's weight towards the lower point. However, SS Cricket has skillfully managed this balance by shaping the toe in a unique way, incorporating a combination of a slightly rounded and flat toe.

This cricket bat features a fullback profile on the backside, with minimal concavity that is meticulously optimised to ensure the weight and balance are just right. Thus, with a fullback profile and carefully calibrated weight, players can expect a powerhouse performance from the SS Master 5000, delivering maximum power. It's renowned for its remarkable performance in this regard.

The edge profile of the bat measures approximately 38 to 40 mm, coupled with a flat face, resulting in devastating power on shots. To maximise this power, SS employs an optimised compression willow technique, creating a uniform grain compression that translates to a powerful bat face.

About the Willow:

The SS Master 5000 is crafted from the finest quality handpicked Grade 3 English willow. The willow undergoes a natural processing method that imparts a perfect grain structure, producing best-in-class lightweight English willow.

Classified as a Grade3 English Willow Cricket bat, it typically features around 5 to 7 straight grains. SS employs advanced techniques for processing the willow, enhancing the bat's durability and optimizing its performance.

Regarding Weight:

The weight of this bat varies from 1180 grams to 1220 grams. According to Khelmart's recommendations, the ideal weight for an all-round cricket player falls in the range of 1170 to 1180 grams. Within this range, players benefit from a maximum side edge, a significant amount of wood positioned behind the sweet spot, and extra power in their shots.

About the Handle:

The handle is a crucial component of the bat, tasked with withstanding the high-impact forces caused by ball hits and transferring maximum energy to the cricket ball. SS employs a 9-piece cane handle, laminated with cork lining to provide an ideal combination of rigidity and durability. This 9-piece swark cane handle with cork lining is widely regarded as the best handle for top-grade English willow bats.

Bat Cover Quality:

SS includes a high-quality cricket bat cover made of PU, 6x6 fabric, and other premium materials. The cover is designed to protect the bat from unwanted dents and potential damages. It features padded inner lining, high-quality zippers, and shoulder straps for easy bat transport.

Authenticity Assurance:

SS Cricket employs a comprehensive 3-point authenticity check for all English and Kashmir Willow Cricket bats. They provide a stretchable barcode on the back of the bat, which players can extend to reveal the authentication number. This number can be verified on the SS Cricket website or through the SS mobile app.

Additionally, SS incorporates a unique 3D hologram on the back of the bat, visible from all angles and displaying the SS name.

All SS English Willow cricket bats undergo a rigorous quality check at the SS bat factory, further assuring the quality of the product.

Players are encouraged to cross-check these steps to authenticate SS cricket bats, ensuring that they are investing in 100% authentic and genuine cricket equipment.


More Information
Manufacturer/ImporterManufacturer: Sareen Sports Industries, sareen sports(ss) , Meerut , India

Packer: Sareen Sports Industries, 15 Victoria Park, Sports Colony, Meerut; 0121-2623953 , India

Country of Origin : India
Willow TypeGrade 3 English Willow
Item ReturnsThis item can be returned
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