SS Master 8000 English Willow Cricket Bat

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The SS Master 8000 English Willow Cricket Bat represents the epitome of excellence in cricketing equipment, meticulously designed and crafted to meet the demands of professional players worldwide. Standing at a height of 84.45 CM with a width of 11.43 CM and a length of 3.8 CM, and weighing between 1140 to 1200 grams, this bat is constructed from the finest Grade 1 English Willow. The use of air-dried willow ensures not only superior quality but also durability, ensuring that players can rely on its performance game after game.

Designed according to the specifications of top players around the globe, the SS Master 8000 boasts a shape tailored for optimal performance on the field. Its latest shape features massive concave TON edges, enabling high impact with optimum performance. This design element not only enhances the power behind each shot but also provides players with the confidence to play their natural game, knowing that their equipment can keep up with their skills.

Enhancing both its performance and aesthetics, the SS Master 8000 features an embossed retro sticker with superb grip, ensuring that players have a firm hold on their bat during intense gameplay. Additionally, the bat offers a wide play area with a clean bat face, allowing for precise and powerful shots to be executed with ease. Furthermore, it comes with a premium and portable SS bat cover, adding to the convenience and protection of this top-tier cricket bat, all proudly made in India, reflecting the nation's rich tradition of craftsmanship and dedication to the sport of cricket.

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Manufacturer/ImporterManufacturer: Sareen Sports Industries, sareen sports(ss) , Meerut , India

Packer: Sareen Sports Industries, 15 Victoria Park, Sports Colony, Meerut; 0121-2623953 , India

Country of Origin : India
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