SS Master 9000 English Willow Cricket Bat

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The SS Master 9000 cricket bat stands proudly among the professional-grade offerings in the SS Cricket bat collection. This formidable bat features a sweet spot situated in the low to mid position, making it an ideal choice for versatile strokeplay.

Balancing a low to mid sweet spot bat can present challenges in managing bat balance due to the weight distribution leaning toward the lower point.

 However, SS Cricket adeptly addresses this by crafting the toe in a unique manner, combining slight rounding and flatness. This ingenious design ensures that the bat maintains superb equilibrium.

The SS Master 9000 employs a fullback profile on the rear side. Although there's minimal concaving on the back, it's marginal enough to optimise the bat's weight and balance. So, with a fullback profile in hand and an optimised weight, players can expect a power-packed performance, delivering maximum power on their shots.

This bat boasts an edge profile of approximately 40mm. Coupled with its flat face, it generates devastating power in every shot. To maximise this power, SS utilises an optimised compression willow technique, resulting in uniform willow grains and a powerful bat face.

Regarding the willow used, SS selects the finest quality handpicked top-grade English willow. The willow undergoes a natural processing method, yielding a perfect grain structure, and delivering top-notch lightweight English willow.

The handle of a bat is a vital component, necessitating both rigidity and durability to withstand the high-impact forces from ball impacts. Furthermore, it should facilitate the transfer of maximum energy to the cricket ball. 

SS utilises a 12-piece cane handle, laminated with cork lining, to provide an optimal blend of rigidity and durability. The 12-piece swark cane handle with cork lining is regarded as the finest choice for top-grade English willow bats.

The SS Master 9000 includes a high-quality cricket bat cover, constructed from PU, 6X6 fabric, and other premium materials. This bat cover is designed to safeguard the bat from undesired dents and potential damage. It features inner lining padding, high-quality zippers, and convenient hand straps for easy transportation.


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Manufacturer/ImporterManufacture Details: Sareen Sports Industries (Salarpur, near Translam Academy, Mawana Road, Meerut – 250001 Uttar Pradesh India)
Willow Type Grade 1 English Willow
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