Stag 2 Star Table Tennis Racquet

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Stag 2 Star Table Tennis Racket is specially designed for Beginner TT Player. Its ergonomically designed handle will ensures the proper handle grip which gives the perfect grip results into better shot delivery. Blade is made of fine quality wood for better stiffness and light weight configuration. Overall, Stag 2 star Table Tennis racket is economical racket for entry level TT players.

Guide on Table Tennis Rackets Selection Procedure :

A Perfect Racket Selection is depends on following parameters:
In this blog we shall explain the complete guide on table tennis bat selection procedure to choose the one that’s most suitable for your style of play.

Blade Thickness:

Blade thickness is an important aspect of racket as it affects the game speed, playing style. It is a rule which states that more layers of blade gives more rigid configuration as compare to Less numbers of layers. Same rule applies on TT racket Blade. It means if TT racket is having more plies then it will become rigid which will be suitable for player looking for more Drives and blocking. Less number of plies will give you more flex (As it will give trampoline effect) and suitable for looping. So thinner blade (< than 6 mm) - TT Blade are suitable for looping game and moderate blade (6 to7 mm thickness) are suitable for drives and while thick blade (More than 7 mm) will be suitable for blocking. So based on your playing style you need to select the racket blade for you without any doubt.

Nature of Wood (Complete Wood and Composite One):

Composite blade will provide you lightweight racket configuration as compare to complete wood racket. Total wood blades are best for generating more spins while composite blade will give you more spin and consistence. It is all about finding the right blade for you and your style.

Type of Handle:

Table Tennis Players are often confused which type of blade handle to be select. This blade handle type is totally depends on individual comfort level and playing style. Most common type is flared one and other type is anatomic and straight. Flared type of handle is good for performing the more forehand shots as its give perfect gripping action to hold the racket. If you like to play with both side of racket then straight with round shape handle will be good as it will allow you to quickly change the side of the racket. Anatomic handle shape is close to flared handle but has a bump in the center that fits the shape of your hand.

Different Type of Racket Rubber:

Nowadays player used to apply different characteristics rubber on different sides of blade. The benefits include flexibility to perform different types of TT Shots as per the need of the game. Players can even use different thickness of the sponge rubbers on different sides of the blade. While it will provide you added advantage in game but at the same time it will be difficult to mage the variation in shots. Obviously it’s required huge playing skill to handle the different pace and spin on different side. So therefore you need to first determine your style of play, and then choose rubbers only from the category which matches your style of play. Only table tennis rubber authorized by The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) can be used an authorized table tennis events, so you must ensures that the ITTF logo appears on your rubber. Rubber are solid individually and are approximately 18 cm (7 inches ) square, and they need to be trimmed to the size of your chosen blade.

Rubber Thickness:

Rubber is the part of Table Tennis Blade which comes directly in contact with ball so it will play crucial role in decide the ball speed and spin. Thinner Rubber – This Product will be suitable for more control but you need to compromise on speed & spin of the ball. Thicker rubber racket will give you more spin and speed but it will be difficult to control the shots. Thick rubber racket will cost you more and it will require more maintenance as compare to thinner one.

Rubber Characteristics :

Rubber characteristics impact ball spin as rubber faces the direct impact of balls. Based on Table Tennis ball behavior on Racket, Players need to select the racket. Player with offensive playing style should choose the rubber with some amount of sticky action. With sticky action of ball on rubber will provide more spin. On the other hand, defensive player need to select the rubber with less spin in order to get more control on shots.

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Packer Details: Stag International,A-19/20,Udyog Puram,Delhi Road,Partapur,Meerut,Uttar Pradesh,India 250103

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