Thrax Gtx Series Badminton Kit Bag Red and Blue

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This series of bags is specifically known for its comfort and style. It gives padded back support which provides you with more ease and relief as your shoulder feels relaxed.

It is a premium bag which is made up in 6X6. The quality of the material is supreme which makes the bag more reliable.

This bag has 3 large compartments which can accommodate 8 to 10 rackets for you. It also has 1 big section for keeping the footwear, so that you do not have to carry them in a different bag, therefore it makes you travelling are trouble-free. Additionally, it also has a small pocket to keep tiny stuff which you might need often. features of the bag are:

• It is used to keep: badminton rackets, net, shoes, and all the necessary equipment.

• Whether you are a professional player or amateur racket enthusiast, this badminton kitbag is suitable for all.

• Distinctive logo, trendy and generous design

• Three large compartments and two other pockets

• The side is zipper design, convenient for the players, and can be used for a long time

This bag comes in red and blue colour combinations which make it look different and fascinating. The design is such that it is very much in demand because of it.

The bag has heavy duty shoulders with padded straps which provide comfort to the players after a tiring day. This bag also has a hand strap for the players, to carry the bag in the hand if required.

It is reasonable for all and has the lineaments that are required such as added strength, better durability and easy to carry. The dimensions of the bag are 75cm length, 30 cm width and 35cm of height.

The zipper of the bag is of high-class quality so that it does not rupture even if it is burdened with a lot of gears.

Well, there might be many brands and models which you might want to use from other manufacturers and brands but this is indeed one of the best ones you can own as Gtx series is really admirable and offers a great value for money because of its supreme features.


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