Thrax MX 01 Badminton Kit Bag Grey and Orange

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This Badminton kit bag is really famous among the youth because of its features. It is used by intermediate to advanced level players.

To keep your badminton accessories secure and safe, you ought to have a tenacious and easy to lift badminton kitbag which is Mx01. This bag is made up of advanced fabric because of which it is very light in weight and makes the bag easy to carry.

The bag has a padded base and a durable lining so that the bag can last for a long time and can bear a lot of weight without any wear and tear.

Space Examining space of a bag is really important before buying a bag as keeping all your stuff together is the purpose of buying a kitbag.

In Mx01, there are 2 large sections to keep your stuff and the bag is so big that you can keep 3-6 rackets without a struggle.

There is a separate section for shoes, which is really important as at times players carry food with them, so it is good that the footwear section is different. There is one small pocket as well to keep small items like keys, shuttlecock, towels, etc.

Zippers The zips of the Mx01 are very strong and of good quality that they close without obstruction. As the players keep all their stuff in the bag be it clothes, rackets, towels, wallet, keys, etc.

So the zippers of this bag are made keeping all these points in mind. That is the reason the zips are reliable enough to carry the load of heavy stuff in the bag.

Shoulder Straps This bag has 2 padded shoulder straps and 1 hand strap. It is really good that there are both kind of straps as this makes travelling easy. Padded shoulders are really needful for the players as after a tiring day it makes easy for them to hold the bag on the back as it does not hurt your shoulders if straps are padded.

Additionally, if you do not feel like carrying it at your back, with the help of hand strap you can carry the bag in your hands.

The colour of the bag at the base is blue and lemon colour printing is done on the top, which makes it look very trendy and stylish. The dimensions of the bag are 70X20X26 cm.

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