Yonex has recently announced its new launch of the latest Yonex Shoes , the Yonex power cushion 88 dial model, which combines the latest cushion technology with high-tech shock absorbance quality. Yonex brings resilient material in their shoes with advanced fitting structure BOA for optimum fit and ultra-comfort. These shoes by Yonex are specially featured for the badminton players and are going to be viral in December, 2019. Yonex is serving premium quality sports products since 1962.

Yonex shoe essentiality in the Badminton game

The Yonex badminton shoes are specially designed for the badminton players. Badminton game is a fast-paced game in which players movement and position of feet change within seconds according to the shuttle direction. This fast pacer game requires the right type of footwear, which offers instant pickup and shock absorbance features. To the need-of-the-hour, Yonex comes with its new innovative design of badminton shoes. The Yonex shoes with new innovative cushion 88 dial technologies adapted the latest structure featured with BOA fitting system. The shoe allows the most delicate adjustments within millimeters with wire tightening while turning the dial.

The shoe fits tightly from the ankle up to the toe so that the whole foot fits firmly while changing the direction and absorb the shock and prevent from injury. The heel of the Yonex shoe is equipped with power cushion and resilient material, which provide bounciness, reliable stability, and give power while running. These shoes come with the latest BOA technology, which is a registered trademark of the BOA.

Latest innovation

The new Yonex latest shoe introduces Power cushion+ in the sole for improving shock absorbance quality. The latest power cushion+ technology is fitted in the shoes for fattest pickup and footwork, which can transform immediate impact into energy. There is an increase in shock absorbance quality by 28% and also an increase in the revulsion by 62% as compared to the previous version of the shoes.


The advanced BOA technology in the upper structure of the shoe allows the wire to easily grab the foot tightly and firmly to adjust according to each turn within millimeters. This shoe is uniquely designed to tighten the ankle grip and pace up the game without injury with maximum shock absorbance features. It also provides an optimum fit to the feet.


Optimum features of these Yonex shoes

The Yonex shoes include optimum features that give core performance during the badminton game and enhances the performance of the players. The qualities and characteristics that you are going to observe in the latest Yonex badminton shoes are as follows:

• It gives assurance of durability and high performance. It offers a perfect balance to the foot of the players when the game is on.

• It provides extraordinary quality of traction and gripping with high power and better strength and control to the foot of the players.

• The key feature of these latest badminton shoes is the light-weight quality, which is necessary for instant pick up and movement of the foot. The light weight of the shoes allows better movement of the foot as the direction of the foot changes.

• The high-quality cushion sole of the shoe provides ultra-comfort to the foot of the player during the game. It also helps in absorbing the shock while turning the foot and prevents injury. It also offers a high level of comfort while playing the game.

Yonex latest badminton shoes technology

With the latest advancement in the badminton game, it becomes more important to bring some improvements in the badminton shoes as well. Yonex has decided to manufacture badminton shoes with more advanced technology. The essential technology that brings new Yonex power cushion 88 dial shoes is three-layer power cushion, toe tightening and supporting shapes, BOA features technology, upper flexion, and shock absorbance as the basic features included. Let us see some details regarding this.

Three layer power-cushion: It is an essential feature that is added to this badminton sports shoe. The three-layer power cushion in the sole of the shoe offers great impact and shock absorbance for the feet during movement. Yonexs all badminton shoes come with three-layer cushion technology. It is thirty percent more shock-absorbing than regular cushion sole in the badminton shoes. The use of three layers, the top, middle, and lower layer also creates high-resonance to the foot.

Supportive toe shape of the shoe: Advance toe supportive shape technology is used in the new Yonex cushion shoes. It alleviates higher pressure from the foot of the players and turns it into high energy. The shoes pace the game up and give instant pick up and turn to the foot with maximum shock absorbance features. It also offers firm support to the foot.

Touch Bird technology: The use of touch bird technology in the sole of the latest cushion 88 dial shoe offers ultimate light-weight in the shoe and provides maximum shock absorbance and ease in balance. The touch bird technology also fits lightly and reduces the impact on the foot during the game. It also offers stability to the foot.

The upper flexion: The upper flexion used in the upper structure of the shoe offers asymmetrical design and gives a curvy shape to the shoe. It is more beneficial to the player as it offers instant turn and less impact and pressure on the foot of the player when the position changes.

Latest Yonex product information

Lets check out the latest Yonex badminton shoe information that is given below:

Name of the product: Yonex Power Cushion 88 dial shoe

Color available: The Shoes will come in White/ Blue and Bright Red color

Upper part: The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic leather

Midsole of the shoe: The midsole of the shoe is made of synthetic resin

Outsole: The outsole of the shoe is made of rubber

Sizes available: The shoe available in the sizes ranging from 22-30, 31 cm.

Weight: The approximate weight of the shoe is around 290gm


Lets check out some other Yonex Latest Badminton Shoes

Yonex Super Ace V Badminton Shoes

The trendiest shoe of Yonex comprises of the latest technology and is featured with a Round sole, which offers maximum gripping to the ground during play. It comes with skin fit technology and assures great comfort to the foot and provides better control as well as stability to the toe. The cushion layer in the sole offers maximum shock absorbance.

Yonex Power Cushion SHB 36 Wide

The shoe is perfect for the players with wider feet. The latest technology provides ultra-comfort. It comes with a three-layer SHB power cushion, which gives the absurdity of maximum shock absorbance and provides durability. The use of core technology, including microfiber and the Pu stuff in the cushion, make it light weighted and highly durable. The ergo shape of the shoe offers extra comfort to the foot.

Yonex Power Cushion SHB 48 EX

This another Yonex power cushion shoe offers a great graphic design and variety of colors. It also involves its key features like three-layer power cushion, use of PU stuff, microfibers, lightweight, and offers high-durability that shows extraordinary strength to the shoe. It also offers its key features like lightweight, powerful impact, and maximum performance with footwork. Yonex Power Cushion Comfort Z M

Yonex badminton shoe range is never going to end, and another powerful shoe design offered by Yonex is Power cushion comfort Z M. The shoe comes with the latest touch bird technology and is also the latest addition of the year, 2019. It is specially made for the professional badminton players. It involves its key features like shock absorbance and comfort to the feet. The power cushion in the sole offers maximum absorbance and makes it more worthy for wearing it.

Coming December: The new Yonex latest Power Cushion 88 dial shoe

Yonex is coming with greater innovation and BOA upper feature and three-layer power cushion+ technology to enhance the feet with better comfort, instant pickup, and maximum shock absorbance. The shoe is defined with ultra-comfort and bounciness to provide maximum comfort and tight gripping to the ankle area and prevent any injury to the foot. The latest badminton shoe has overcome all the issues and provides ultra-comfort to the foot. It is also best for instant movement and changing direction within seconds and millimeters.

Now, as we discussed above, the latest Yonex badminton shoes pull more of your attraction towards the latest technology and innovative design of the shoes that is going to be a game-changer for the badminton players. It is explicitly designed by keeping the present aid of injury in mind and need of an instant pick up during the game. Grab the latest collection of the Yonex badminton shoe coming December and be the game-changer. The use of three-layer power cushion plus in the sole offers maximum shock absorbance, and the upper BOA technology offers tight gripping to the ankle to avoid any twist and turns of the ankle during the movement of the foot.