Cricket nowadays, is getting very renowned among the youngsters which are played internationally all over the globe. In order to play this game, a cricket bat is needed by which the player can hit the ball. In this blog, you will come to know about Best SG Bats which are very famous among the professionals.

English Willow Cricket bats are made up of cleft which is imported from the United Kingdom. They are meant for professional players who want to get edge on the game. If the players play with these bats, they will come up with better performance. Moreover, every bat has its own unique qualities which make it different from others.

Lets talk about some of the SG English willow bats : -

1. SG KLR1 English Willow Cricket Bat

SG bat KLR1 is a very popular and unique bat because of its performance. It is made by the recommendation of Suresh Raina according to his specifications and needs. Indeed, it comes with coffin bat case for the safety purpose.

Features: -

• Every cleft varies from each other, that’s why it is arranged individually to enhance the performance and quality.

• The handle of the bat has special scale grip for comfort and control.

• The strength of the bat is in-built with the pieces of Sarawak cane which is very strong.

• The rounded face of the bat gives a refined direction of power throughout the hitting zone.

• It is light in weight which is a demand of every professional.

• SG willow bats come with a maximum sweet spot which builds confidence while playing.


2. SG RP 777 English Willow Cricket Bat

This bat is made from hand selected English willow which is worlds finest cleft. SG bat has used excellent process techniques with willow which offers optimised and durability to the bat throughout the game. It is best for senior and advanced level players. SG has always strived to meet the expectations of the players and this bat is a clear example of it.

Advanced features: -

• The position of the sweet spot is mid to low.

• Custom made to make sure that it delivers the highest quality performance.

• Handle is made up of superior quality Sarawak cane which delivers control and power while hitting the ball.

• Offers maximum side edge and wood in the sweet spot for hitting the ball with full strength.

• Company offers bat case which is especially made for it.

• Light in weight that is 1180-1250 grams.


3. SG T 45 Limited Edition 2019 English Willow Cricket Bat The construction of the bat is based on the T20 format. It is manufactured from grade A English Willow with traditional method for high performance.

Main Features: -

• Extra-ordinary bat with thick edges for powerplay.

• It is developed with full back profile with 0 concaving with the weight of 1180 grams.

• The edges of the bat are 40-45 mm with big sweet spot delivering a powerful hit.

• The bat has toe protector which provides best durability and maintains optimum moisture level.

• The whole bat is equipped with Chevtec grip for premium control.

• The handle is nine piece offering better shock absorption and jerk free performance.

• Comes with full length padded case.


4. SG T 45 Limited Edition English Willow Cricket Bat Size SH

Multiple processes and detailing in each SG bat makes it perfect for the players to enhance their performance. Indeed, the main USP of the bat is its thick edge which is usually designed keeping latest trends of the T 20 Games.

Main Features: -

• Made up of superior grade English willow.

• The edges of the bat are 40-45 mm by which the player gets ease while hitting the big shots.

• An individual can provide 7 to 11 straight grains with good grain profile.

• It is excellent and a new generation bat for stoke making players.

5. SG SR 210 English Willow Cricket Bat

SG bats are made up of worlds finest and rare top-grade English willow. The profile of the bat is full from backside with very little concaving. It is best for advanced and senior level players.

Features: -

• Handle is the most essential part of this SG bat which offers great durability, and is made up of Sarawak cane.

• Light in weight that is 1180-1250 grams because of professionals demands.

• Has large sweet spot area to build confidence and emphasizing stroke play.

• It has 12-14 straight grains to optimise performance.

• World-class coffin which suits best for the bat.

• Custom made to meet international players requirements.


6. SG HP 33 English Willow Cricket Bat

This cricket bat model from SG offers optimum durability and performance while playing. Moreover, it is framed hand selected from some of the finest English willow.

Advanced features: -

• It has a toe protector which delivers excellent durability and maintains moisture in order to enhance the performance.

• SG HP 33 bat has 10-13 straight grains which is processed by high quality cleft.

• The handle is made up of special scale grip for better control and comfort.

• Weight lies between 1140-1250 grams which is light according to the professional needs.

• The edges of the SG bat are extra thick that is 39-40 mm.

• It is checked by three level authenticity; that is MRP label and barcode, SG mark on grip, and quality mark sheet on the back of the bat.


7. SG Savage Edition English Willow Cricket Bat

SG savage edition is light weight and super cool which offers excellent performance to the player who wants to win the game. This English bat is processed with naturally air-dried process which intent to deliver more durability with good moisture content. Indeed, it is tested by several players first by which it offers lots of run on scope.

Main features:

- • The sweet spot of the bat is mid to low which is extended towards toe to shoulder for providing a better hitting area.

• The edges of the bat are extra thick which has been filled with wood for power stokes.

• Weight is 800-900 grams which is much lighter than any other bat.

• SG has surpassed this bat with massive bat edge profile and high spine concept for destructive play

• 12 piece of imported cane handle with rubber lamination techniques deliver more rigidity for the best shots.

• Comes with full length padded cover with adjustable strap.

• Premium quality grade A willow is used to make this SG bat. SG_Savage_Edition_English_Willow_Cricket_Bat

8. SG Savage Xtreme English Willow Cricket Bat

Savage Xtreme English Willow bat is suitable for all types of play skills. It is the choice of numerous players who want to get edge on this game.

Features: -

• This bat gives ease to play because of light weight that is 1180-1280 grams which offers excellent shots while playing.

• It is made up of very soft and fibrous material called willow which is of Grade 2.

• Edge thickness is up to 40 mm.

• Sweet spot is mid to low which is very useful to manage or control the weight of the bat.

• It is passed through authentic procedure to make it unique.

• Shape and type of the handle is round and short.

• The bat is mostly suitable for men.

• According to the modern day playing, it is compatible for all types of games.

• Fully padded cover is available with this bat for safety.


9. SG Cricket Bat English Sunny Legend

The range and material of all SG bats are famous all around because of their world-class quality. In this bat, worlds finest and rare top-grade English willow is used in the make. Moreover, it is available in SH sizes that is harrow 5 and 6.

Lets put some light on the unique features: -

• Sunny legend bat is traditional no-frills bat with thick edges and curved blade.

• Edges thickness is 40-45 mm.

• New chevtec grip is included for giving superior sense of control.

• Normally weight of the bat is on higher side because of expert ship of SG cricket.

• High durability bat which offers the best playing experience for a long time.

• Made up of 9-11 straight grains

• Mid-level bulge for the improvisational stroke maker.

• As it is the best quality bat, the company always offers coffin for its safety and security.


10. SG Player Ultimate English Willow Cricket Bat

It is new generation SG bat which delivers maximum performance and durability while playing. The shape is traditional and that delivers immense stability and power stroke. It best suits to T-20 cricket.

Advanced features: -

• 6-11 straight grains with clear English willow bat profile.

• Developed from grade A English willow for excellent performance.

• Edges are extra thick 40-45 mm to ease the player while hitting the ball.

• New white colour grip for superior sense of control.

• Always is the first choice for professional cricket players.

• Padded cover along with adjustable strap is available with this bat.

• Round shape short handle.

• Toe protector for excellent durability.


SG bats are the most trusted and best quality manufacturers of cricket bats. Moreover, if you are playing T-20 or any other championship, these bats will give you more confidence and power due to their best quality and performance. Last but not the least, prices may vary from one to another; but quality wise, they all are adorable and world-class.