When it comes to batting in cricket, comfort is essential. Your cricket equipment should be so comfortable that you don’t even realise you're wearing it. Cricket batting gloves are primarily used for protection to prevent hand injuries caused by the cricket ball. Additionally, gloves absorb the impact of hitting the ball, helping maintain hand position and providing a comfortable playing experience by absorbing sweat. Over time, cricket batting gloves have evolved from basic protection to enhancing performance. This article will explore the significance of selecting the correct pair of batting gloves and other essential factors to consider.


The manufacturing process of cricket batting gloves involves several key steps:

Material Cutting: Fabrics used for making the gloves, such as the shell, lining, and padding, are trimmed using a cutting tool. The palm lining, which comes into contact with the skin, is prepared.
Logo Printing: The monogram logo can be printed before or after the assembly, depending on the agreed-upon product price.
Sewing and Padding: The glove parts are sewn together, and padding is added individually using a post-bed machine.
Attaching Strips: Straps, wrist straps, buckles, and buttons are fastened during this stage.
Trimming: Excess thread, material, or oily residue is removed. After inspection, the tag with all necessary details is signed.
Packing: The batting gloves are paired, connected, and packed according to the best method, following the buyer's guidelines.


There are two categories of batting gloves:

Traditional Batting Gloves: These gloves lack finger cuts and feature singular full-length padding for each finger, typically filled with cotton, making them naturally heavy.

Modern Batting Gloves: These gloves offer enhanced flexibility and added hand protection. They are a mix of flexibility, sensation, and ventilation, with foam filling making them lighter than traditional gloves.

Find your perfect pair of Cricket Batting Gloves for 2024 now.

List of best Cricket Batting Gloves 2024

  • SG RP Armour Cricket Batting Gloves

1. Advanced protection with high-tech plastic mould.
Patent-granted Armour Technology.
Palm made from top-notch leather.
Divided thumb for increased flexibility, 3-piece sidebar on the lower hand for added defence.
Non-toxic imported PU cotton-filled finger rolls.
Full finger ventilation design with nylon gussets for airflow and reduced sweat during prolonged use

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  • SS Limited Edition Cricket Batting Gloves

1. Suitable for Club and County level competitions.
2. Genuine Leather Gloves with excellent ventilation.
3. Mesh overlay on the thumb for comfort and flexibility.
4. Spacious Velcro closure and wrist grip that absorbs sweat.


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  • SF Test Batting Gloves

1. High-quality finger rolls made from imported PU material.
2. Nylon panel for air circulation.
3. Additional protection for fingers with TPU inserts.
4. Top-notch leather for durability and comfort.
5. Traditional finger rolls with extra protection.


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  • Thrax Pursuit (Exclusive) Cricket Batting Gloves

1. High-end glove with a pre-curved design and multiple flex points.
2. High-grade sheep leather palm for excellent grip and sensation.
3. Lightweight foam in the finger rolls.


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  • Adidas XT LE Cricket Batting Gloves

1. Increased protection and comfort with Pittard leather palm.
2. Imported Korean PU fingers, lightweight.
3. sidebar pieces on each side for added protection.
4. Dual-sided sweatband and mesh panel for airflow.


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  • MRF Genius Grand Cricket Batting Gloves

1. High-quality sheep leather palm for comfort and durability.
2. Additional flap on front fingers for protection.
3. High-density foam encased in moulded fibre shells.
4. Endorsed by Virat Kohli.


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  • DSC Condor Pro Cricket Batting Gloves

1. Lightweight with multi-flex pre-curved construction.
2. Sheep leather palm for excellent grip.
3. Premium PU and lightweight foam in the finger rolls.
4. Ventilation airflow gusset and dual-sided sweatband for comfort.


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  • New Balance DC 1280 Cricket Batting Gloves

1. Lightweight and designed for easy handling.
2. Genuine calf leather with excellent ventilation.
3. Mesh overlay on thumb for flexibility.
4. Spacious Velcro closure and wrist grip that absorbs sweat.


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  • SM Swagger Batting Gloves

1. Customised English sheep leather palm.
2. Ultralite PU and brushed PU finger rolls for flexibility.
3. High-density plastazote foam padding with fiber shields.
4. EthaFlex Sheet for additional protection.


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  • Thrax Flicker Players Cricket Batting Gloves

1. Lightweight and designed for superior comfort.
2. High-density foam for exceptional impact protection.
3. Reinforced plastic fibres in every finger.
4. Elasticated wristband and Velcro closure with dual-sided sweatband.


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Selecting the right cricket batting gloves is vital for both protection and performance. Modern gloves offer advanced features like enhanced flexibility, superior ventilation, and lightweight materials, catering to different playing styles and levels. From the advanced protection of SG RP Armour gloves to the professional endorsement of MRF Genius Grand gloves by Virat Kohli, each model reviewed provides unique benefits. Understanding the features and materials of each glove can help players make informed decisions to enhance their comfort and performance on the field. Ultimately, the right pair of gloves can significantly impact a player's confidence and effectiveness, making it a crucial piece of cricket equipment.