The position doesnt matter. It is the cleats that make the performance surpassed while playing with which a team wins the game.

Several players often ponder about which football shoes are best suited for the play. But, every one of us or every beginner cannot answer this question. Different factors play a vital role while selecting the best shoes according to the position of the player

In this article, we will discuss about the goalkeeper football shoes for assisting the players so that they can perform the best and win their game. The position of the goalkeeper is essential for the whole team, and the person who is assigned this position has to be very active and energetic.

However, finding the perfect pair of shoes for the goalkeeper seems a tricky task. As a player, you have to take care of certain things. As the goalkeeper, you cannot think that any of the best football cleats will work for you. After thorough research, it is found that the goalkeeper has to wear certain type of shoes while playing.

Lets talk about the various attributes that are very crucial for a goalkeeper: -

The position of the goalkeeper works as the last line of defence, but nowadays, they act as the shot-stoppers and playmakers. The right type of shoes offers confidence and support to the player to carry his duties correctly.

Some of the attributes are as follows: -

1. Comfort

Goalkeepers do a lot of work for the team when everything goes out of hope. Therefore, for an excellent performance, the player has to wear the best football shoes that will offer comfort while playing since the player has to keep on his toe every time. That is why comfortable shoes add more confidence inside the player while playing.

2. Power

The goalkeeper needs to be very powerful in long passing and clearing the football with both the feet. So, their football boots must be mighty.

3. Traction

The goalkeeper has to use his agility and feet to perform better while playing the game. The friction of the shoe is very vital for adverse weather conditions when the whole pitch is very middy and wet.

4. Playing surface

This factor is one of the fundamental elements while buying football cleats; otherwise, you end up with the wrong pair of shoes. There are mainly five types of surfaces on which football is played like soft ground, artificial grass, turf, indoor, and firm ground.

So, you must consider this factor along with the position of play while buying the shoes.

Best five football shoes for goalkeepers: -

1. Nike Tiempo Legend Vi

The classy Nike Tiempo is engineered by Nike, and is one of the superlative options for the goalkeeper who is ready to defend the opposite team with his feet. These football shoes are very light in weight and always make the foot comfortable and light in all conditions.


The material used to make this shoe is kangaroo leather with all condition control technology that offers great and powerful control to the goalkeeper on the ball regardless of the conditions.

Its advanced features are: -

• The conical and bladed studs progress traction

• Firm ground football shoes deliver dominating touch on the ground

• The kangaroo leather of the shoe makes the player comfortable to play in all conditions

• The shoe has bold plate graphics which provides an opponent something great to look at

• The interior of the shoe is made up of silicone dot grid grips to make the player play comfortably and avoids slipping

• For the high performance, these football shoes have molded EVA sock liner featured PORON which is inserted inside the shoe for cushioning and full support

• Both synthetic leather and plastic are used to make the shoe

2. Adidas Copa Mundial Firm Ground Cleats

Adidas Copa Mundial is firm ground football shoe for a goalkeeper. It is another best option for the football players who want to improve their game. These Adidas shoes are very much comfortable for the biggest game. It means how difficult the challenge is, youll get more chances to shine after playing with this shoe.


Its distinctive features are as follows: -

• Because of the upper kangaroo leather, these football shoes are very comfortable and sturdy

• This Cope Mundial has die-cut EVA midsole that helps in distributing the pressure of the stud across the sole to make the player feel light

• The studs of the shoe are molded that keeps the player in control even on artificial turf surfaces

• The shape of the football shoe is very accommodating that delivers extra-ordinary fit and comfort

• This shoe is also comfortable even for the broad footed players

• The upper portion of the Cope Mundial is fully lined with extra extended leather tongue

• It has lace closure for a snug fitting

3. Adidas Mens Ace 17.3 Primemesh Soccer cleats

The main work of a goalkeeper is to operate at high speed when the ball comes for the goal. While wearing this football shoe, the player might think that he had won the game within no time. This shoe will entirely control the game with every touch.


These football shoes for goalkeepers have an original mesh upper that offers precise control while playing.

Its advanced features are as follows: -

• The upper portion of this goalkeeper shoe is a prime mesh that delivers sock-like fit to the goalkeeper, which helps in controlling the ball while standing still

• This shoe has a very thin film on the upper which is very useful in keeping debris and water out

• It is made up of long-bladed synthetic fiber

• The stud alignment is TOTAL CONTROL

• 100% synthetic sole

4. Nike Total 90 Laser III boots

This Nike best football shoe for a goalkeeper is worn by renowned superstars of the football sport like Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres.


This shoe from Nike is one of the complex shoes, which are liked by an end number of football players to perform better in the game.

Its features are: -

• It has five red silicon pods that help in improving the strike zone

• TPU fins are equipped in the shoes that enhances the touch and control of the ball while playing

• The upper of the football shoe is of premium grade synthetic leather

• The material used to make the shoe is of high density, which is three times harder than synthetic upper

• The sock liner of the shoe is molded EVA which has PORON inserted that helps in reducing stud pressure and offers contoured arch

• The fins of this football shoe are very well designed and positioned for varied angles and heights that helps in swerve and controlling the ball

5. Adidas Women ACE 17.1 Firm Ground Cleats

This is another best football shoe for a goalkeeper that helps to perform best for the team. The traction of the shoe is excellent and has a comfortable fit. Adidas Women ACE 17.1 firm ground cleats are very light in weight and airy.


The features are as follows: -

• They are firm ground cleats

• Specially designed for women as the design is very specific for the women foot

• The upper of the shoe is made up of very soft leather that provides extra-ordinary comfort

• Sock-like fit is delivered to the player

• The technologies used to make this football shoe are Primeknit and ControlSkin

• Offers robust stability at very high speed

• SPRINTFRAME outsole is very comfortable and helps in controlling the ball with ease

• TOTAL CONTROL stud alignment

• Offers seamless protection to the feet because of micro-texture upper


Well, after reading the above descriptions of the best football shoes for goalkeepers, you might have the conclusion of which shoes will best work for you on the pitch. All of the above have their own unique qualities for the best performance.

While playing football in the position of the goalkeeper, you must take care of various things to buy the football shoes. Any of these above options can be considered for an impeccable game performance and high comfort at the same time.