All New 2020 Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ Review The Astrox series of the badminton rackets is extremely popular amongst the sportspersons. Yonex Company has recently launched the Yonex Astrox 100zz series of the badminton racket.

The super slim design with incredible features is incredible and is specifically designed for the advanced level players. And with lots of incredible features, this badminton racket wins the place in the hit list of the 2020 Yonex badminton rackets .

These Yonex rackets offer maximum versatility and supreme power gripping to enhance badminton skills. In March 2020, the company released its two new models of badminton rackets: Astrox 100zx and Astrox 100zz.


In this article, we have covered the reviews and features of the model Astrox 100zz. But first, we will dig into the reviews and lets have some clear views about this badminton racket.


Whats Unique about the Yonex 100zz Badminton Racket?

The Yonex has brought down the latest model of badminton racket and tried to fix all the issues that existed in most of the Yonex badminton rackets. With lots of advanced features, accurate weight distribution in the head area of the racket, a super slim shaft, and isometric shape, the racket offers you a quick pickup of the game.

Besides this, the Yonex also improved the latest technology by bringing some more advancement so that you can enjoy quicker shots, more power, and extreme control on the game with this racket.

Now, lets have a look at the detailed features of the badminton racket

Detailed characteristics of the Yonex Astrox 100zz Racket

Latest Rotational Generator Technology System

If you ever have been using the Yonex rackets, then you are aware of the rotational generation technology system. It ensures that the badminton rackets have proper weight distribution over the head region of the racket so that players would not feel down while using it.

The use of new technology keeps this new series of rackets one step ahead from the previous badminton rackets that have unequal weight distribution. Also, with this new upbringing in the technology of the badminton racket, it now becomes the quickest game pick up racket than the other series of the Yonex rackets.

It has more accurate weight distribution from the gripping end to the top of the head frame for producing more power and maximum shot picking performance.

The NAMD Frame Material

The other most impressive change that you will observe in the latest 2020 Yonex badminton racket is the use of NAMD frame material.

This racket consists of the latest micro core black material at the top side of the frame. And this material helps in increasing the rigidity of the racket by 4%.

The use of new material quickly absorbs the vibration generated by the shot two times faster than before. And the additional material weight countered by the in-built T joint makes the racket 1.3 times lighter than the other models of the Yonex rackets. Also, with the use of the latest material and new innovative design, you will get quick and effortless smashing.


Moreover, this new material also acts as the most durable adhesive so that it will combine the resins with graphite fiber intact. And this makes it more flexible and stronger. It also allows the rackets shaft to gain its normal position during the badminton session quickly.

It enables the players to attack the shuttle and play impactfully and quickly.


Extremely Slim Shaft

The next most impressive change that you will find in Yonex Astrox 100zz is its super-slim shaft. It has a hyper slim shaft that you have never seen before.

This badminton racket also includes the graphite material in the core region of the shaft that helps in reducing 11.8 times less air resistance.

With this finest material incorporation, this badminton racket is more buoyant and also ensures the strongest and powerful shots during play.

It has more advanced and latest molding techniques with high-quality graphite material. And the use of the latest Rexis technology ensures that the badminton racket perfectly cuts in the air and helps in generating more power and speed for the perfect shot.

The Yonex also claims to enhance its rotational power and faster snapback than ever before.

More Advanced Isometric Shapes and Extended Sweet Spot

The other most amenable thing that you will find in this Yonex Astrox 100zz is its extended sweet spot. It is little modified into the square shape, which also increases the area by 2.9% of the sweet spot.

This extended sweet spot helps in reducing the loss of the power from the center and also increases the impact on the shot when you dont even hit it from the rackets center.

Yonex has also improved the shape of the new series of badminton rackets, which allows the players to hit the most potent shot during the rapid session of the badminton.

Apart from this, it also enables the players to put the shuttlecock in the center of the Yonex racket. And this extended sweet spot is a must for a powerful performance and continuous shot during the gaming session.

With the more advanced isometric shape and the extended sweet spot area, you will have a more stringent game. This racket is specially designed for advanced level players.

Advanced Energy Boosting Cap

The next advancement that you will observe in this new Yonex racket series is the boosting cap.

It has made it better than before with a more improved boosting cap and new structure, which enhances its flexibility and also offers incredible thumb support when you hit the shuttlecock.

This new advancement in the Yonex Astrox 100zz series also transformed the power on the shuttlecock for more impactful performance but didnt compromise with the comfort level. It also prevents the shaft from the twisting and also helpful in keeping it stable during the playing session.

The boosting cap also provides stable gripping on the racket during the gaming session so that it wont slip off from the hand. Above that, it also helps in preventing the hand from twisting.

This latest and innovative approach in the badminton racket helps to improve the performance and quality of the game.

The Extra Stiff Flex

Besides all the changes, these new, improved Yonex rackets series consist of extra stiff flex that helps in providing powerful shots during the gaming session.

Also, the extra stiff flex offers flexibility in the racket that helps in quickly regaining its position after the powerful shots. Moreover, the extra stiff flex ensures the durability of the racket that will last longer with the player.

This latest advancement made this badminton racket perfect for the beginners and advanced level players. Lets have some overview of the Yonex Astrox 100zz series

Quick Overview of the Yonex Astrox 100zz Series

Overall, with the latest features, this series won the place in the best badminton rackets of 2020. However, there are some more features included in this racket that make it the best badminton racket in terms of advancements and technology. So, lets have a look at the overview of this racket.

Some More Advancements in Yonex Racket

The Astrox 100zz series include nano core material and tungsten material that enhances its sturdiness and gives a powerpack performance to the racket. Also, the use of the black core micro material in the racket with accurate weight distribution absorbs maximum vibration during the session by 4 to 2 percent.

Also, the rotational generated technology system allows the players to enhance their games ten times better than before.


Final Verdict

The Yonex Astrox 100zz series is better than before with more advanced technology and the latest material. This badminton racket helps in the progressing of gaming.

The company has brought down the innovation for creating the advanced badminton racket for beginners and advanced learners. These latest innovations made this racket lighter than ever and more impactful to give a powerful knocking performance.

And the incredible features and new advanced energy-boosting cap provide firm thumb gripping. Overall, this badminton racket is a perfect blend of technology and stiffness that helps in enhancing the performance of the players.