APACS Feather Weight 500 Badminton Racket

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Its weight is around 63 gms , Yes it is 63 gms only
It is the lightest racket in the world, yes you got it right. Lightest racket in the world with weight only 63 gms. Apacs used 24T Japan grade graphite material to develop this racket. By using 24T graphite material, Apacs produces the racket which is very light weight in nature and at the same time can sustain string tension up to 30lbs.

Reinforced structure to develop racket frame which can sustain higher string tension
Apacs used 24T graphite material and along with it new reinforced structure is used at racket frame. Reinforce structure is used to provide better strength and impact resistance to racket frame. With the help of reinforce structure, Apacs feather weight 500 now I lightweight in nature and at same time it is strong enough to sustain high string tension.

Isometric head shape – Better sweet spot shape better power
Apacs feather weight 500 racket is developed with isometric head shape which used the effective overall racket head shape. With better head shape , player will get better power by which player can dominate on opponent.

CNT Carbon Nan tube
Apacs used CNT carbon nano tube technology which they used at frame. This technology combines with graphite material and offer better impact and bending strength to racket frame. With the help of this type of frame, player will get powerful smash and rigid racket head. With rigid racket head frame player can make accurate shots.

Fast Racket swing for killer drive, Smashes and cross corner shots
Racket frame of feather weight 500 is developed with improved aerodynamics. With improved dynamics, racket faces less air resistance and gets better swing speed. With improved aerodynamics, player can easily swing the racket with higher speed. Improved head speed benefits players with fast smashes, more power and fast drive shots.

It is stiff shaft and even balance racket. With light weight, stiff shaft and even balance, this racket is suitable for attacking players. Player will get attacking playing favorable characteristics by which he or she can dominate on opponent.

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