APACS Finapi 88 II Badminton Racket

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The frame of the Finapi 88 II racket is constructed using advanced Carbon Nanotube material, significantly enhancing both the impact resistance and bending strength of both the frame and shaft. Additionally, the base graphite material of the racket comprises high-quality 30T Japan-grade graphite material.

Boasting an aerodynamically wide frame head design, this racket empowers players to unleash formidable smashing power and exceptional speed. Meticulously crafted with cutting-edge "carbon nanotube" technology, it seamlessly blends remarkable power with precise handling, leading to enhanced execution with both power and superior control. Its lightweight construction allows you to manoeuvre the racket with the finesse of a sword, ensuring clean and razor-sharp executions.

The Apacs Finapi 88 II is engineered with a high degree of frame aerodynamics, which reduces air resistance and enhances racket speed. Improved head speed enables players to execute rapid drive shots and precise cross-corner shots with pinpoint accuracy.

The Apacs Badminton racket is the preferred choice among advanced badminton players. It is specifically designed for aggressive playing styles, catering to players who enjoy unleashing powerful smashes, executing swift drives, and launching rapid counter-attack shots. Additionally, its enhanced racket aerodynamics enable players to achieve sharper attack angles and maintain precise shot control.

The Apacs Finapi 88 II features a groundbreaking design concept called the Triple Speed System Frame, which imparts added power and strength to the racket frame. This enhancement contributes to an overall improvement in the racket's playing characteristics, making it a formidable choice for players seeking enhanced performance.


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Manufacturer/ImporterManufacturer : Apacs Sports ,Vietnam

Packer Details: Apacs Sports ,Vietnam Importer Details: AMG Sports, WVN Mano, 2nd Floor, No. 62/138, Santhome Road, Chennai - 600004 , India

Country Of Origin: ,Vietnam

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