Apacs Turbo Power 996 Badminton Racket

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Weight of Apacs turbo 996 badminton racket is around 87 gms while it can sustain the string tension up to 30 lbs.

This racket is developed with carbon Nanotube (while high grade graphite material, 24 T is used for base material). Carbon Nanotube material is considered as best material for making the badminton racket as it offers better strength, better power and overall enhanced performance from racket.

In order to improve the overall racket aerodynamic, frame cross section of Apacs turbo power 996 is optimized so player will get better swing speed. Here, Apacs badminton used advance 3D software to check and validate the different cross section scenarios to get best possible one.

Optimized cross section gives fast swing speed and effective racket strength. Racket swing speed matters most while you play double badminton game where in players need to quickly reply the opponent shots. With fast swing speed and perfectly balanced racket, badminton player can improve the overall game effectively.

Shaft flexibility of Apacs Turbo Power 996 is medium stiff. Medium stiff shaft rackets is always preferred by players who love to make powerful smashes. Medium stiff rackets are suitable for attacking game players.

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