APACS Z Ziggler Badminton Racket

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The Apacs Z Ziggler racket is engineered with a head-heavy configuration, specifically designed for aggressive players who thrive on harnessing added power for quick point gains. Its stiff shaft contributes to enhanced shot control. The incorporation of a High Speed Frame design, coupled with the racket's lightweight build, results in remarkable swiftness on the court.

The Apacs brand employs Carbon NanoTube Technology (CNT) to greatly enhance both the performance and tactile experience of their rackets.

Potent and Steady Head and Frame:The racket's frame is meticulously crafted using Hi Modulus Graphite (30T graphite Material) infused with Compact Quad Voltaic HM graphite material. This specific amalgamation of graphite, in conjunction with Compact Quad Voltaic technology, bestows a resolute and unwavering structure to the racket frame. 

Engineered with a Compact Frame design, this innovation accelerates swing speed and enhances overall performance by delivering a combination of increased power and heightened control.

Slim and Stiffer Shaft: The Apacs Z Ziggler racket features a slender shaft design that optimises aerodynamics, facilitating swift racket repulsion. To enhance control, the shaft is deliberately kept rigid, contributing to refined shot precision.

The Ultra-Thin Shaft design enhances aerodynamics by minimising air resistance, resulting in more forceful and impactful shots.


High Tension and Moderate Weight Racket for Explosive and Unadulterated Power:The Apacs Z Ziggler racket boasts a moderate weight and incorporates HM graphite material, strategically engineered to unleash explosive power alongside unparalleled control. The steadfast frame significantly enhances shot management.

In summary, this racket is ideally suited for intermediate badminton players seeking a dynamic gameplay characterised by effortless third-line clears and improved cross-corner shots.

The Apacs Z Ziggler stands out as a premier badminton racket tailored for advanced-level players. Its exceptionally slim shaft induces a whip-like effect during smash shots, resulting in heightened shuttle acceleration.

The incorporation of a high-speed frame design further complements its attributes. Notably, the integration of Carbon Nano Tubes technology extensively enhances both the racket's performance and its tactile feedback.

This racket is sold unstrung, requiring players to choose a string to transform it into a fully strung racket. At Khelmart, we provide the convenience of computerised stringing options with meticulous string patterns, ensuring players can extract the utmost advantages from the combined synergy of the racket and chosen string.


APACS Z Ziggler Badminton RacketAPACS Z Ziggler Badminton Racket
APACS Z Ziggler Badminton RacketAPACS Z Ziggler Badminton Racket
APACS Z Ziggler Badminton RacketAPACS Z Ziggler Badminton Racket
APACS Z Ziggler Badminton RacketAPACS Z Ziggler Badminton Racket
APACS Z Ziggler Badminton RacketAPACS Z Ziggler Badminton Racket
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