Kawasaki MAO 18 II Badminton Racket

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Kawasaki MAO 18 is accessible as the most potent racquet when it comes to playing badminton. The material used by the manufacturers is of high quality which makes the defense ruin their dreams. This is a flagship badminton racket made up of advanced carbon fiber which is woven in such a way that it will give the best results. Extensively, this material is usually used in motorsports.

Moreover, if you talk about the power, it gives excellent smashes towards the opponent making him/her surprised. Most likely, the infused titanium is providing this racquet the power of unstoppable smashes, and you can even smash from the backhand.

The Kawasaki MAO 18 has been tested and proved to be the most commanding racquet leading other brands while smashing. Other than this, players of various categories efficiently use this- whether it is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced.

The main features of this badminton are as follows: -

• The head part is heavy, but the player can easily balance the racquet while smashing.

• It is light in weight and slim to be easily used by the player.

• All levels of players can quickly move with it with maximum power and with the motive of high performance.

MAO series badminton 18 has carbon fiber of high density which ensures balanced energy transfer through the strings.

• The hardness of the racquet is quite hard, and the grip material is made up of PVC.

• The classification of Kawasaki 18 is very similar from tip to toe as the upper part is substantial and the lower portion is hard for the first attack.

Right now, the brand Kawasaki is the best and most reliable among all while giving the best results to the player. The company has given a myriad of options in context to colors and looks.

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