Li Ning N7 II Badminton Racket

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Play with superlight Badminton Racket Technology
Badminton racket weigh is an important parameter as it will give you flexibility to move the return fast shots in order to perform better shots and returns. Li Ning N7 II Light is developed with advance superlight technology in which overall racket design change to reduce the racket weight. weight is 79 grams which means it is lightest racket in Li Ning Badminton racket series. Along with other parameter, this racket is designed for those players who wants very fast racket handling and wants to dominate in the game with fast racket handing. This racket comes in white yellow and pink color. It is a Medium Flex Badminton racket which is designed to give you best flex with perfect control over shots.
Improve your game with TB NANO technology
Racket strength is important as it gives power in hand of badminton player. If a racket is made of more strength material then it will give you better power in smashes. Li Ning N7 II Light is developed with TB Nano technology which gives better strength to racket. Li Ning used special nanometer carbon fiber material which gives 20% increase in racket strength. While racket strength is increased by 20%, weight of the racket is not increased.
More Racket Swing Speed with Aerotec Beam System
Li Ning N7 II Light is developed with Aerotec beam system in which racket frame beam is design with considering all the critical parameters of aero dynamics. By doing so, Li Ning developed a frame in which overall air resistance is very less which helps in following ways:
(1) It gives very less air resistance thus player gets more racket swing speed. With improved swing speed, badminton player can effectively place the fine drop shots and cross corner shots.
(2) With Improved swing speed, player get more time to prepare for next shots, thus it will helps in pacing the return shots. It gives lightening fast response time to player.
Improved Sweet spot by DOF (Dynamic Optimum Frame)
Sweet spot is considered as an area where player get maximum power. Badminton players always want to make a shuttle contact at sweet spot. If player will get enlarged sweet spot then it will be an added advantage for them. Li Ning N7 II Light is developed with Dynamic Optimum Frame technology which gives enlarged sweet spot results into more hitting area for badminton player.

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