Li Ning Wind Lite 700 Badminton Racket

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The Li-Ning Wind Lite 700 has been made to magnify a playes strength-causing capabilities. Based on the latest TB Nano carbon fiber technology, this racket pair is a supreme light attachment that is also without risking the tension reading. The playing level is semi professional and maximum racket tension is 30 lbs. The balance point and weight of this racket are 300 mm and 78 grams respectively. The power potentiality of this racket is upto 30 pounds that makes the player more comfortable with it.


Aerotec beam arrangement- The manufacturer has done a great job upgrading this exceptional racket very well. To insert a supplementary aero-logical physique frame, the manufacturer has designed it with an Aerotec beam arrangement.


Significantly, the shaft is fused with this Li Ning Wind Lite 700 racket to lessen the air resistance that provides more easy moves. If we talk about the design and frame, it comes with great style and the most staggering intensity. When it comes to the skill level, then we can say that it is intermediate. With all these excellent characteristics, the Li Ning racket sanctions the player to accomplish different and unique smashes.

Lining_Windlite_700_Badminton_Racket_ Tensile slim shaft-

The Li-Ning Wind Lite 700 has a tensile and slim shaft that provides superior power and optimal control. The slender shaft has a diameter of 7.0 that outlines more productivity. The manufacturers have added a unique flexible frame to the badminton racket and amazing craftworks to give balanced hits appropriately. This stability and power transfer more toughness to the player and enhances the capability while playing. The designers have improved it very much by mechanical construction to relish more powerful smashes and a secured system.

Weight- With 78 grams weight, this is a super-light racket that floats in water. The slight heavy head allocates even momentum and strength to your hits. There is an extension in candies points that give highly muscular smashes.

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