Thrax Mega Power 29 Lite (MP 29 Lite) Badminton Racket

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About the Racket

Thrax introduces the new latest series of badminton racket "Thrax Mega Power 29". The new and advanced series of the racket is for the all-round type players as well as beginners. Thrax latest series is loaded with new features and technology. The badminton racket is loaded with ample of specifications which are as follows:

Frame of the racket

The frame of the racket is fitted with latest innovative Aerotech technology, which provides fast racket swing speed. It is made up of high module graphite material. The frame provides stiffness and balance to the racket.

Weight of the racket

The weight of the racket is around 85 gm. It is essential as it helps in putting a direct impact on the performance of the player. The weight should be less because a heavy racket gives slothful speed. Thus, by keeping in mind, the weight of the racket is less as compared to the regular racket.

Balance point of the racket

This badminton racket from Thrax is having a head heavy balance point and 295mm heavy head. The weight of the racket is more at the head side. It gives more power on the shot and is helpful in generating maximum momentum. It is perfect for the players who want more power in shots.

Shaft stiffness

The shaft is also made from high module graphite empowered with nanomaterial for offering better repulsion and powerful attack to the shuttle. It is having high tension and a slim shaft. Its stiffness constitutes medium flex, which is helpful in generating tension up to 24 lbs. The medium flexibility offers better bending when the shuttle comes in contact with the badminton racket.

Handle size

The size of the handle of Thrax mega power 29 is G4. It is also another vital point which offers firm gripping and handle to the players. The G4 dimensions are 3 inches long and ¾ inch wide.

The lean attack point concept

Lean attack is a technology based on an aerodynamic lighter weight racket frame with eight flax. It improves swing, provides sharper angle attack, generates maximum power, and optimum shuttle holding on the string bed.

The shape of the racket and strings

The string of the racket is made from Taiwan gut, which creates better repulsion and generates maximum power, which is transferred to the shuttle. However, the strings are in customizable form according to the requirement of the player. The racket is oval, which offers the fastest swing.

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