Yonex Akayu S Badminton Shoes Black Blue

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Badminton is one of the fastest indoor sports, and it is liked by countless individuals all over the world. To get an edge on this sport, a player needs various types of equipment like a branded racket, cock, dress, and most essentially comfortable badminton shoes.

About Badminton shoes

Any athletic or sports player requires a pair of comfortable shoes so that he can quickly move here and there around the court. Badminton is an excellent indoor sport that is mounting its reach and admiration all over the globe. Innumerable individuals are taking part in this sport; thats why the demand for its equipment is also growing.

Like other sports, badminton also needs a good pair of shoes for agility, flexibility, and comfort. According to your play, you can choose various styles of badminton shoes that are available in varied colors, styles, and sizes for meeting the requirements of the players.

About Yonex shoes

Yonex is one of the top and surpassed brands for badminton shoes. It offers world-class quality shoes for all types and levels of players. It provides the best protection, relaxation, and comfort so that the player can move easily all around the court to have an edge on the game.

Yonex AKAYU S badminton shoes are beautiful and affordable that can make a player relaxed and comfortable. It comes with a combination of two colors, but this combination is a mixture of various colors like orange and grey, yellow and blue, etc with microfiber PU.

AKAYU S badminton shoes have been launched by Yonex recently. These are made with Yonex design philosophy called die cut and mold technique that has minimum stitching. The main motive of making it with minimum stitching is to improve the strength, stamping, and embossing.

It is best suited for intermediate to advanced badminton players for a superlative grip, traction, etc.

Technology used in Yonex AKAYU S badminton shoes:

Nowadays, people highly adore badminton, and because of this, the overall demand for badminton shoes is also surging. Keeping in mind, this shoe is developed with True Shape and True Cushion technologies that will deliver perfect fitting and cushioning to the player for the best possible performance on the court.

1. True cushion and comfort

Yonex AKAYU S badminton shoe is one of the chief shoes that have cushion technology known as True Cushion. It has two layers of shock absorption power. In the first layer, you will come across world-class quality resilience midsole, that is equipped with very soft EVA inner sole.

The combination of the midsole and inner sole provides maximum comfort by which the player can perform excellently on the court.

On the other hand, the true cushion insole offers extra support to the heel. With this, the player can gradually cover the full court as it will maximize the transfer of energy for the next step.

2. True shape

As it is the latest yonex badminton shoe, the technology used in this is True Shape. It offers countered upper part specially designed to provide better fitting according to the varied shapes and sizes.

3. Hexagrip sole

This Hexagrip pattern delivers stable footwork with 3% more grip, and it is 20% lighter than the standard material of the sole.

4. Round sole

The main aim of the rounded sole is to offer overall support to the foot for quick and smooth movement. And also, it transfers maximum energy while moving.

5. Weight

The overall weight of this pair of Yonex shoes is just 260 grams.

Whether you are an intermediate player or advanced, buy these Yonex shoes for extra comfort, relaxation, and to win the game.

Appearance: Yonex Akayu S comes in the 3 Color Variants i.e. Black Matte Glod, Black Blue & White Red. The shoes looks stunning in all the 3 colours.

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