Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Badminton Racket

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Yonex presents the all new Arcsaber 7 pro badminton racket with all new feature and technologies. This racket is new version on old Arcsaber 7 series models which was a huge success and lots of players were used Arcsaber 7 model.

New Arcsaber 7 pro is developed with mid flex shaft which helps in better control on shots results with pin point and accurate shots delivery. Further, to improve the accuracy of shots, shuttle hold time is improved which give better control on shots.

This Arcsaber series racket is developed on the concept known as “hold for the fight “. With extra shuttle hold time, player with get better frame stability and better control on shots.

Frame stability of the Arcsaber series racket is important characteristics which are achieved by specialized frame designed concept in which top and bottom of the frame is built with stiff frame section while side of the frame is built with flexible section. Stiff top and bottom helps in reducing the distortion in the frame while flexible side section helps in better flexibility.

POCKETING BOOSTER is the new concept which is used in Arcsaber 7 pro racket. . POCKETING BOOSTER is rubber like material which is used at inner section for the frame to improve the elasticity of the frame without compromising the overall racket strength.

Huang Dong Ping player from china used this racket in Tokyo Olympic. Number one woman doubles Rawinda Prajongjai and Jongkolphan Kititharakul from Thailand are using this racket. .

Technologies used in Yonex Arcsaber 7 Pro Badminton racket: .

Innovative Frame Design: .

To improve the shuttle hold time, Yonex innovatively designed the frame cross section as mix of flexible and stiff which results into better shuttle hold and accuracy of the shots.


Optimized Shaft Torque: .

Yonex improved the shaft material and its characteristics so shaft twisting movement can be optimized.



Rubber like material is placed at inner core of frame which improves the frame flex.


Isometric Frame: .


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