Yonex Astrox 01 Feel Badminton Racket Yellow

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Yonex Astrox 01 Feel Balance point is 315 mm and while shaft flexibility in medium flex. The combination of medium flex shaft and pure head heavy balance is designed to deliver absolute power on shots. While racket generates enormous power on shots, player will also get better balance (Thanks to RGS technology developed by Yonex). With better racket balance, player could make easy drop shots, and handle the net area effectively.

To withstand the urge and demand of aggressively attacking sportspersons, this Astrox 01 Feel is developed. It furnishes the continuous steep attacks on your enemy in the game. On a special note, this Yonex Racket is benefitted from a rotational generator system that marvelously divides the weight by the end of the grip, top frame, and T-conjunction. In a speed continuation, this racket provides maximum control, polished transitions while smashing the shots.


Furthermore, the Yonex Astrox 01 Feel is manufactured by Namd Graphite that supplies smoother, faster, and powerful snapbacks with appropriate flexibility. Also, the shafts material is again graphite. The head of this Yonex Astrox is heavier with the shafts length of 10 mm. This racket is perfect for the contenders who desire to attack from different slants with incredible strength and stamina. This latest Yonex series is wholly made up of graphite which enhances its durability and game power. And the black and red color makes it more challenging.

To amplify the accuracy even in an off-center position, this Yonex Racket has an isometric head shape that magnifies the sweet point in the racket. Yonex, Japan is the developer of this tremendous and well-featured pair of rackets. A full cover also comes for the safety and security of these rackets. With the 4U 84 grams weight, these rackets string tension and grip are 20-28 lbs and G4, respectively.

Impressed with the traits of this fantastic racket, the specialists of badminton suggest these rackets to all kinds of players, mainly the aggressive attacking players. Thrill your enemy with the devastating smashing given by these rackets.

This Astrox series rakcet is developed with rotation generation concept. this concept is adopted in every Astrox series racket for offering unique racket balance property. Normally, Head heavy configuration racket shows some sluggishness during fast badminton rallies. To overcome this issue, Yonex Badminton adopted the new concept called as Rotation Generation Concept.


For equal distribution, the manufacturers have applied the counterbalance theory, which makes this racket a topic of discussion in the market. The medium flexibility and 315 mm balance are again a plus point while purchasing these rackets.

Isometric is Trademark technology used by Yonex for this racket. Isometric innovation is continuously giving best results from last 30 years. This technology increases the sweet spot by 7% with the help of optimizing the main and cross string.


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