Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ Badminton Racket

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Details of Yonex AStrox 100 ZZ:

Yonex First time used Black Micro Core at upper part of Astrox 100 ZZ racket frame. It is stiff, high density and vibration absorbing material which helps in obtaining outstanding racket performance.

Its frame made of HM graphite, NAMD, Tungsten, Nanometric material. NAMD is innovative material technology in which Nanomaterial is directly bound with HM graphite and resin. This new material science offers better bounding of Nonmaterial, resin and graphite material. With this, Frame property of is improved significantly. It improves stiffness, impact and overall strength of frame. It also improves the weight to strength ration of frame.

Further, Yonex Astrox 100 ZZ is equipped with Nanometric material at shaft.

Nanometric material improves the mechanical property of racket.

(a) It improves shaft cross section, means cross section of shaft can be reduced by 60%.

(b) Stiffness of shaft is improved significantly.

(c) This Yonex racket is developed with hyper slim shaft. Hyper Slim shaft is designed to offer better aerodynamic property to racket and helps in better repulsion.

Stiffness of shaft is extra stiff which means player will get stiff repulsion which is suitable for professional players.

More precise weight distribution compare to previous Astrox Series Rackets because of enhanced Rotational Generator System which ensure the force for the quick and successive short. Also Namd (Especially in the Shaft) produce more flex and more rapidly snapback unleashing impressive steep power.

Expanded Sweet Spot: The Frame of this Astrox Racket is slightly modified into an even square-like shape, increasing the sweet spot by 2.9% (Compare to Previous Astrox Series Rackets) which helps in the reducing the power loss from the off center shots and increased power on those powerful and continuous shots who didn’t even hit from the center of the racket.

Yonex trademark technology known as Isometric is used as head shape of racket. In Isometric technology, sweet spot of racket is optimized by optimizing the main and cross strings. With Isometric technology, sweet spot area is improved by 7% which helps in placing powerful smashes.

Yonex used state of the Art Namd Technology in this racket. In this technology, Nanometer material is directly built with graphite material to get better adhesion among the graphite fiber. Graphite fibers are very brittle in nature and in order to get best property to suitable for high performance racket, resin is used the bind it properly. Namd technology optimized the energy stored in racket shaft so player will get better reflection and shuttle hold for accuracy and control.

Shaft of Astrox 100 ZZ is 10mm long, longer shaft means improved momentum hence more power on shots.

To reduce the unwanted vibrations, Yonex use the solid feel core concept. In this concept, solid feel core in place at frame inner so in can work as vibration damper to absorb the vibration. In also helps in configuring a racket frame which will be more stable while player will hit the shots.

Recommended strings are Yonex BG 66 force and Yonex Aerobite Boost. Yonex Aerobite boost gives player a control feel while BG 66 force is suitable for attacking players.

It is equipped with extra stiff shaft and head heavy configuration. The combination of head heavy and extra stiff shaft is deadly one for attacking players.

Weight of Astrox 100 is 84 gms while its balance point is 300mm and overall racket length is 672 mm.


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