Yonex Astrox Lite 21i Badminton Racket

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Weight of Yonex Astrox lite 21i is 78gms and string tension up to 30 lbs and it is made in China while developed in Japan. To improve the balance of overall racket, Yonex adopted the Rotational generation system.

Rotation generation system is a concept in which weight of the frame head is redistributed to handle so overall racket balance could be improved. With this technology, player will get better power as racket is head heavy while with the help of rotation generation system, player will get extra swing speed to tackle the fast badminton game rallies.


To improve the shaft rebound ability, Yonex used the Nanomesh Neo material. Nanomesh helps in improving the rebound ability of shaft which means player will get better power and optimize control on shots.

To get higher string tension and to make frame stronger, Yonex used HM graphite and Aero type cross section. The combination of both offers better weight to strength ratio.

Balance point of Astrox lite 21 is 295 mm (slightly Head Heavy), shaft flex is flexible and grommets pattern is 72. The combination of flexible shaft and single pass grommets concept will insure the maximum power transfer to shuttle.

Yonex Astrox lite 21 I is suitable for attacking badminton players , It is strung racket however to further enhance the power and control , player can restrung it with Yonex BG65 To string with 26 lbs main string and 27.5 cross strings.

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