Yonex Court ACE Matrix 2 Badminton Shoes Black and Gunmetal

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About Look and Feel of the Shoe:

Yonex use all new design and upper making technique for making this shoe. Base color of this shoe is black while on top of it gray and black color air mesh is provided. Small orange color side alignment on sole provides attractive look to shoe.

Yonex Matrix 2 is upgraded vision of Matrix shoe. Matrix shoe is launched in 2018 and it was already hit model among the badminton players.

After getting overwhelm response from badminton players, Yonex modified it’s designed and look and launched all new Yonex Matrix 2 Badminton shoe.

Matrix 2 is developed on cutting material which is micro fiber and durable air mesh.

Micro fiber is molded and cut using specialize dies which provide unique shape and cutting patterns on shoe upper.

By using this new manufacturing process on shoe, Now, Yonex produces the shoe with high accuracy and absolute error free quality rate.

Shoe upper design is made of unique array pattern, which is developed by Yonex for Its Badminton shoes.

On Back side of this Yonex Badminton shoe , cuts are provided on micro fiber material , these cuts work as air ventilation so that player can play long badminton rallies.

For making this shoe, minimum stitching is used so that manual errors can be eliminated from shoe design.

By adopting die molding and cutting, Yonex able to produce high quality badminton shoe.

True Cushion – True Comfort:

This shoe is developed with Yonex best in class badminton shoe cushion technology kwon as True cushion. True cushion is developed with 2 layers of shock absorption technology. On First layer, high quality and resilience mid sole is equipped with very soft EVA inner sole. The combination of soft Mid Sole, Inner Sole offer best in class comfort to players so that they can perform better on court.

With better cushion, player can improve the court cover as it will help in maximizing the energy transfer for next step movements.

True Shape – True Fitting:

Matrix 2 is latest badminton shoes from Yonex which is built on True shape concept. True shape offers contoured upper part with wide last which is designed to provide better fitting even with different shape and sizes.

This is a Non Marking badminton shoes developed with 100% rubber out sole which provide better traction force along with better grip. With better traction force, player can cover court effectively with minimum chances of injuries

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