Yonex Power Cushion 57 Badminton Shoes Grey and Blue

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The Yonex Power Cushion 57 shoes are among the top-selling choices, thanks to their distinctive design and features. With the inclusion of Power Cushion technology, badminton players can enjoy enhanced cushioning and comfort. This advanced technology absorbs the impact load, ensuring a smooth transition into the next movement.

Yonex Power Cushion shoes excel in shock absorption, offering three times better performance compared to standard Yonex shoes. These badminton shoes are available in both men's and women's sizes, offering a variety of colours and designs to match your personal style.

The upper part of the shoe features Double Raschel Mesh, an ultra-fine and lightweight mesh material that promotes improved air circulation. This helps players feel refreshed even during long and intense badminton matches.

Additionally, these Yonex shoes are designed with a toe assistance shape, which reduces pressure on the toes and ensures an even distribution of pressure, enhancing overall comfort for the player

Technologies in Yonex Power Cushion 57 Badminton shoes:

Power Cushion:

Renowned for its exceptional comfort and impact absorption, Power Cushion technology absorbs and redirects force, enabling smooth and uninterrupted movement. Yonex's Power Cushion design significantly enhances its shock-absorbing capability, tripling its effectiveness.


Power Cushion


Double Raschel Mesh:

Mesh plays a crucial role in athletic footwear, ensuring proper airflow during extended badminton matches. The Double Raschel Mesh, a lightweight yet robust material, excels with an air-exchange rate eight times superior to regular mesh materials, effectively promoting moisture dispersion.


Durable Skin:

In the pursuit of creating shoes with enhanced strength and durability, Yonex introduced the concept of Durable Skin for the shoe's upper. This visually enhanced upper design technology not only boosts durability but also maintains comfort, facilitating smoother footwork.


Toe Assist Shape:

This design prioritises the comfort of the big toe by minimising pressure while also providing better support for the midfoot and heel. It ensures a stable and snug fit, reducing power loss and enabling swift and agile footwork.


Round Sole:

YONEX's distinctive Round Sole is meticulously designed to offer comprehensive support, facilitating rapid and seamless footwork. This structure guarantees uninterrupted transitions and maximises energy transfer.


Round sole


Hexa Grip:

This shoe features a unique Hexa grip pattern on the outer sole, offering agile and stable footwork. The hexagonal grip pattern provides 3% more traction and is 20% lighter than standard sole materials, enhancing overall performance on the court.










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