Yonex Power Cushion 65 X3 Badminton Shoes White Lime

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This Power Cushion shoe from Yonex is developed with white base color and lime and gray color graphics. Shoe shape and design is very attractive which give feel to trademark Yonex shoe look.


, Yonex power cushion 65 X is developed on power cushion technology, on which shoe cushion is developed with 3 layers with combination of hard and soft high quality material based on shoe characteristics. Hard material is to give rigidity while soft material is for flexibility.

Overall, Power Cushion technology helps in better shock absorbing ability , while it absorbs 3 times more shocks as compare to normal cushion shoes.

To make shoe versatile and to offer unique playing characteristics, Yonex Power cushion 65 X is developed with Ergo Shape concept. With optimized upper shape, this technology helps in better fitting and comfort.


To generate more energy and to give better footwork, this shoe is developed with round sole concept. Round sole helps in better footwork by optimizing the shape of sole.


, Overall, Power Cushion 65 X is design and developed for advance badminton players , those looking for better shoe shape, comfort, design and cushioning. With cushion technology, player will get better comfort thus player can play long rallies without fatigue.

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Manufacturer/ImporterImporter Details: Sunrise Sports India Private Limited 6th Floor Salcon Aurum, Delhi 110025 Manufacture Details: YONEX CO., LTD. 3-23-13 Yushima,Tokyo 113-8543, Japan
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