Yonex Aerus Z Men Badminton Shoes Mint Color

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As claimed by Yonex, the Aerus Z stands as their lightest-ever badminton shoe, with a single pair weighing only 250 grams. To achieve this remarkable lightweight design, Yonex introduced an innovative sole technology called Feather Bounce FOAM. This groundbreaking material is 8% lighter than the previous Aerus Model while also providing improved bounce for top-notch performance on the court.

To enhance the shoe's style and design, a unique design philosophy is employed, which includes a seamless design, Double Raschel Mesh, and Durable Skin Light. These elements are carefully combined to offer a better fit and an unmatched sensory experience for the player.

To reduce the weight of the upper part of the shoe, Yonex opted for a single piece reinforced with Durable Skin Light, making it more durable and lighter. To boost breathability, Double Raschel Mesh is integrated. To create a single, lightweight upper, Yonex uses a special technique involving a vacuum press and infusion, resulting in a cohesive and light upper.

The highly anticipated Yonex Aerus Z men's shoes are the latest addition to Yonex's lineup and feature the revolutionary Power Cushion + technology. Power Cushion + boasts a unique wedge-shaped design at the heel, designed to efficiently absorb impacts during intense badminton matches. According to Yonex, Power Cushion + can absorb 28% more shocks while also providing a remarkable 62% improvement in bounce compared to its predecessors.

To enhance the shoe's stability, Yonex uses a specially designed carbon sheet called Power Graphite Drive. This innovation is strategically implemented to prevent foot twisting during sharp turns on the court, effectively reducing the risk of serious injuries during intense badminton matches. Additionally, this technology works together with Power Cushion + to further improve the shoe's shock-absorbing capabilities. The combination of these features ensures top-notch performance and player safety on the badminton court.

Key Technologies in Yonex Aerus Z Badminton Shoes:

Power Cushion Plus for Unmatched Comfort and Shock Absorption:

Yonex has incorporated its renowned Power Cushion Plus technology to enhance the comfort and overall feel of the shoe. This technology features specially designed wedges containing superior cushioning and shock-absorbing materials, strategically placed in the heel area. This configuration in the heel significantly enhances the shoe's performance, providing excellent stability and exceptional shock-absorbing capabilities.


Power Cushion Plus


Power Cushion:

Known for its unparalleled comfort and impact absorption, Power Cushion technology absorbs and redirects force, allowing for smooth and uninterrupted movement. Yonex's Power Cushion design amplifies its shock-absorbing ability by threefold.


Power Cushion


Double Raschel Mesh:

Mesh plays a pivotal role in athletic shoes, ensuring proper airflow during extended badminton matches. The Double Raschel Mesh, a uniquely lightweight yet sturdy material, offers an air-exchange rate eight times superior to regular mesh materials, effectively promoting moisture dispersal.

Power Graphite Lite:

To bolster shoe stability, Yonex has introduced the Power Graphite Lite innovation. This ensures that the footwear is not only lightweight but also steadfast. The design incorporates an ultra-light graphite plate positioned beneath the middle of the foot to reinforce stability.


Lateral Shell:

Strategically positioned on the exterior forefront of the shoe, the Lateral Shell helps prevent lateral sliding along the sole's periphery. This design not only conserves energy but also enhances the precision of foot movements, resulting in agile, fluid, and confident steps.


Synchro-Fit Insole:

With the aim of refining the midsole's functionality and comfort, Yonex has reengineered the design of its inner sole. By elevating the central part of the innersole, it ensures an intimate connection between the foot and the sole, securely anchoring the heel. This snug fit reduces any excess space inside, elevating the shoe's comfort and preventing forward foot movement.


Syncro-Fit Insole

Round Sole:

YONEX's distinctive Round Sole is crafted to provide comprehensive support, enabling rapid and seamless footwork. This structure ensures uninterrupted transitions and maximizes energy transfer.

Round sole

ToughBrid Light:

ToughBrid Light, a lightweight material positioned on the shoe's side, enhances stability and notably reduces stress on the legs and knees.


ToughBrid Light


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