Yonex Power Cushion SHB 65REX Badminton Shoes (Purple)

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Yonex SHB 65 REX Badminton Shoes is designed for professional level players. Yonex SHB 65 REX Badminton Shoes is equipped with PU, Leather in upper material which will provide you better stability and great fitting. It is heavy in weight. This Yonex Badminton Shoe base color is purple and on the shoe side the innovative design of orange color gives you attractive look on the badminton ground. Its flexible outsole is made from rubber which will provide you better stability. Its midsole are equipped with latest EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) technology which will provide you perfect cushioning.
about its Technologies :
1. Power Cushion Technology: Power Cushion Technology is having 3 times more shock absorbing power as compared with urethane and it is lightweight shock absorption which will provide you better comfort and reverse the impact energy for better footwork movement.
2. Hexagrip: The Hexagrip pattern on the shoe sole gives agile and stable footwork movement. This Hexagrip technology gives you 3% extra grip and 20% lighter as compare to standard sole material.
3. Lateral Shell: In helps in reducing the power losses during sharp footwork movement, The Lateral Shell is placed on the forefoot and stops the sliding at the edge of the sole which will provide you improved footwork movement.
4. Round Sole: In order to transfer the maximum energy, The Round Sole technology is designed to give you all-around support for better footwork movement.
5. Double Russell Mesh: This Double Russell Mesh Technology is a fine mesh technology which will provide you 8 times more air-exchange for better and refreshing feel as compare to ordinary mesh fabric. With the help of double Russell mesh player will get better ventilation and feels refreshed during extended rallies.

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Manufacturer/ImporterImporter Details: Sunrise Sports India Private Limited 6th Floor Salcon Aurum, Delhi 110025 Manufacture Details: YONEX CO., LTD. 3-23-13 Yushima,Tokyo 113-8543, Japan
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