Yonex SHB 03 LCW EX Badminton Shoes Blue and Orange

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This Badminton shoe is Lee Chong Wei exclusive edition badminton shoes for Year 2017-18. Shoe upper is made of high quality PU with durable mesh and skin fit. Shoe is designed with new die cutting pattern with minimum stitching and maximum PU material with die sections. Die cut design provide better finishing. Die cut design offers better strength to shoes.

Two Color Shoe design Concept :
This light weight badminton shoes comes with unique two color concept which is used by Yonex first time in footwear design. One side of shoe is designed with Blue color while other side of shoe is equipped with Orange color which offers a unique design patterns.

Advance Non Marking Badminton Shoe technology :
This Yonex Badminton shoes is equipped with advance shoes technology like, Toe assist shape which is developed which is toe centric design approach to offer better comfort. Toe centric design helps in cutting down the additional pressure from toe by providing additional support to mid foot.
Further to improve the fitting, Yonex used the Flexion Upper concept with Asymmetric design concept. Asymmetric design concept offers curved eyelet creates a natural snug fit around the inner arch.
Technologies in Yonex Badminton shoes:
Synchro-Fit Insole:
Synchro fit is the concept in which shoe inner design and outer design is developed by considering the latest exact foot shape. Mid sole from inside is bit elevated towards the upside which offer better fitting. By Improving the inner and outer sole cushioning player will get better fitting and comfort.
 YONEX_Synchro_Fit Insole_khelmart
TPU Support Technology:
TPU support is latest technology in Yonex shoes which five better stability to player with more direction control.
Flexion Supper:
In this technology, Yonex used Asymmetric design concept for designing the shoes which helps in proving curve eyelet design to offer best in class fitting and comfort.
 YONEX_Flexion_Upper_ khelmart
Power Cushion:
Cushioning is very important for badminton shoes as it gives energy management and power to absorb the shock or impact energy caused by player movement. Yonex used power cushion technology to absorb the shocks. Further , Yonex used power cushion material at mid sole which is better than original Phylon material vastly used as cushion material. As a test result , when yonex tired to drop an egg on power cushion material its bounce back 4 mm above the power cushion which shows the effective energy transfer from Shoe.
Round Sole Badminton Shoe Technology :
Yonex designed the sole shape is different way (Sole shape is round at toe and heel area). In new shape , players gets better fitting , energy transfer. With better fitting , player move on court freely.
Ergoshape: (Ergonomical Shape):
Ergonomical shape is the concept which is developed by Yonex for badminton shoes. In this concept , specially designed shape is provided at forefoot and toe area of shoe.with this new shape , players get following key benefits:
Better Shoe fitting for different shape and sizes .
Better comfort
Good stability
Hexagrip (Hexagonal Shape moulded pattern at outer rubber sole):
Hexagonal shape on outer sole gives best possible pattern on sole. Hexagonal shape offers best traction force and gripping action. Following benefits are observed of Hexgonal shape grips:
Better Traction force.
Better Fitting
Better comfort
Effective court covering

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