Yonex SRCP All England 06 White Green Badminton Shoes

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Yonex SRCP All England 06 Badminton Shoes is newly launched model in year 2019 in India for intermediate badminton players. This Yonex shoe model is developed with all new features and technologies which will help badminton player to improve the overall performance and skills.

This shoe is developed with True cushion technology which is two layer cushion technology for better comfort. True cushion technology is used by Yonex for its mid range badminton shoes .

Modern day sports shoes are manufactured with lots of new innovation which help in better look and excellent durability to shoes. These modern day technologies like die cutting, head transfer, embossing and use of micro fiber material are used by Yonex to manufacture the Yonex SRCP All England 06 model.

Die cutting is a technique in which shoe upper components (Microfiber sheet) are cut into length by précised die. Components are embossed and head transferred to mesh with heat transfer machine. Finally all components are joined together with machine stitching. This shoe manufacturing technique offers better strength, lightweight upper for long lasting shoe performance.

Yonex introduced SRCP All England 06 into 3 different colors and design .

White and Green Color variant: This is White and Green color variant and in this variant, shoe base color is White and on front part of it diamond cuts are provided. White color mesh in used in background of cut TPU.

Side of the shoe, White and Green color strips are provided to make shoe design more elegant. The blue colour in this shoes looks cool.

True Cushion Technology:

Yonex SRCP All England 06 shoe is developed with Yonex best in class badminton shoe cushion technology known as True cushion. True cushion is developed with 2 layers of shock absorption technology. On First layer, high quality and resilience mid sole is equipped with very soft hyper msLite inner sole. The combination of soft Mid Sole, Inner Sole offer best in class comfort to players so that they can perform better on court.

With better cushion, player can improve the court cover as it will help in maximizing the energy transfer for next step movements.

True Shape Technology:

Yonex SRCP All England 06 is latest badminton shoes from Yonex which is built on True shape concept. True shape offers contoured upper part with wide last which is designed to provide better fitting even with different shape and sizes.


For agile and stable footwork, the hexagrip pattern provides 3% more grip and is 20% lighter than standard sole material.

Round Sole:

The YONEX Round Sole is designed to provide all-around support for quick and smooth footwork. The Round Sole ensures smooth movements and transfer of maximum energy.
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